It's weird we don't admit our fantasies about human mutations gone wild. how (hentai girls) are but a voluptous version of already voluptuous girls. Evision the future or many world interpretation of sex drives instead! And rejoice! Seclude the human female for the ape she is and like what you like.

Human sex drive towards human appearance (it's very weird the way we look it's just natural selection that keeps us from admitting this and go asexual or is it?, I'm finding more and more tendencies in the universe (how biology is striving for perfection and plausible that the most perfect being yet is also deep in progression there is only one excpetion that doesn't do this, the e8 248 dimensional monster which seem to live to be only the symetry of itself) and how matter have specific tendencies as well) humans disgust me the way they look but i'm not asexual i tend to fantizise about alternate realities where things are different.Not everything about the human disgusts me I like what biology is trying to tell us about progress with mutations and such, i'm just envisioning progress much further down the line in evolutional branches of topic coupled with interspersed evolutional natural selections independent of oneanother, i get horny mostly when focusing on specific things like existential objects and views of weird ideás like hugging, kissing, perfectional discrimination, sex with alien gods or general and narrow A.I's alike, thinking of feeling it just to get the feeling,like how would a hermaphrodite feel when her dick exceeded the size of most dicks and she wasn't even half-size yey but got as hard as she'd ever been all of a sudden and prematurely ejaculated or how would a sex with a much more intelligent persons be or with someone projecting the sex experience but choosing what to feel.doesn't even have sex naturally feel? surely it would need a rethink of what ejaculating for natural selection means if so it means like envisioning things like she is blushing or imagining all the things she could do as a pluss for interesting her, for you like massaging you with tentacle arms or hug you with a snakes body or play a futuristic VR sex brothel fantasy joke from the year 3000 or play a game of hypnotize beyond this world, maybe talk you into a trance from just a monologue of hers because her intellect conflicts with what your brain comprehends and starts to melt(figuratively). or imagining all of those things with a much more advanced (biologically speaking) succubus or nymph from the year 1000000? ,but this fazination doesn't stop with big concepts it can be small like a mutation but tends to involve a deeper fantizination of the entity than a mere human, it tends to involve thinking they are a byproduct of a different chain of evolution in controlling the hosts but starts with mutations like large tongues, voloptuous lips, big eyes, 8 packs, long hair, large busts that is unproportionable, bubble butts, long legs, short but voluptous and slender bodies, three breasts, giantism/shrinking, fraction dividing, to name but a few and fraction like dividing 1 by 2, or splitting the one into two equal pieces. But ends with a mind reading octopus from outer space or swimming in boobies interspersed by a collective mind or 1 hivemind or something exotic.but beauty is to the beholder and beauty is in biologically superiority in my eyes and pleasure = beautiful = fun. So no sex fantasies with retards for me or with animals or of irreverible damage to an already beautiful body (that's why i have a fear of body dismorphia, piercings, makeup etc), If it doesn't equal fun in my mind it's unfun and possibly forcefull, yuck. I'm not afraid to stop in the midst of the thing if whatever catches my eyes are a threat to my well being. I've never had a fantasy for pee or poop, gore but a little bit with the rope tying part of bdsm. Always knew i was different every since i got turned on watching totall recall to the girl with three boobs. I always liked big boobs and big boobs were my first sexual fantasy i just know now it wasn't big boobs in particular but all the things that makes big boobs interesting.Just fucking play with whatever fantasy you have and we all evolve and fantasies go and come or should i say evolve too.Seems women have fantasies also.Weird but remember there is always someone weirder.TLDR: Women like multiple men at once, comfort intertwining, being lifted up onto objects and being dominated but most importantly comfort. Who doesn't love comfort? I think all this i've said has to do with comfort on some level or another. Source wide known fantasies equally weird taken from the source link exclusively - Giggling and making out, role-play, i'm an experimental subject being kidnapped by a mad scientist, command me, i'm some sort of sex godess that's come to earth to enslave it, I comfort him make it all better, Surprise blowjob, me and my partner can see out but everybody else just sees a mirrored box, there's a specific way i'd like to be bound, dominate me, we're cuddling in bed, I fantisize about different people but it's always someone i care alot about, group sex, sex with stranger, there's hot air coming in from the window but we're both already sweating and couldn't care less. He's usually wearing a suit and looking very high powered, being the server, wearing only the apron and nothing else, I imagined our legs being intertwined under the sheets,I always have a fantasy of me and a male friend going [and] hanging out with a couple in their living room. The couple dares us to kiss, undress, etc. with each dare becoming more sexual until we have sex on the couch in front of them. It's a rush of both adrenaline and arousal — it's taboo, yet safe. It works EVERY time — to be honest, I'm getting a little warm just typing it out." — Melania, 19Being pushed up onto the wall, a glass window on a high rise building, onto a tree in the forest, or being dragged into a locked room with and without the possibility of a stranger walking by in but i think when the fantasy goes so far as to sext publictly on a train they revolt because it's like they know what i know that when you get too famous or exposed as there is no way out because you'll get bombarded by thousands of bazookas at makes sense, if sexual entanglement, warmth & mutations is the key factor in this equation then a collective understanding of beauty is surely gone within a couple of milenia and all we have left is apes that likes to fuck.I do like a woman that gives me warmth, pleasure & sex and i dream of a woman that gives me everything and love. That is in a nutshell what turns me on, i call it hopefull biology. I don't know if i'm allowed to post this video here since it's a porn video but the way this woman is doing it is the epiphany of the evolution of sex thus far. I suspect she is giving out surprise blowjobs aswell. have a nice day! via /r/kosmemophobia

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