I've fully accepted the fact that I am a weeaboo, and here are some of the things I've done.

Alrighty, you've read the title. I'm not even asking if I'm a weeb, cause I already know I am one. I'm also a rare right-winger American Weeaboo, the truck-driving, gun-toting kind. My dreams involve getting custom "ONIICHAN" license plates (which when i called the state DMV they did say they could do it) and Buying an AR-15, then paying hundreds of Dollars to get someone to professionally give it an Anime wrap. not sure what specific Anime I'd want though. My current car, a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, already even has stickers of my Waifu, makise Kurisu, on it. I did take automotive in high school, but I was the only Otaku in class. we had our own laptops in the class, and when we had free time i would take my 64 Gigabyte flash drive that was absolutely full of Anime, sit in an old Buick, sit back, and enjoy the show. Sure enough my classmates disapproved, saying "why not watch something normal like Family Guy or something" to which I simply replied "because this interests me more." I did try discussing anime with them a few times, but with them being even more truck loving than me, some of them even went "what the hell is anime" to which I tried to tell them, but just ended up getting told Derogatory things. it didn't phase me though. My neighbor is also a fellow Weeb, and we've planed on going to a few conventions together but our schedules conflicted. I do openly talk about Anime and hentai with him though, when it comes to that stuff, we have no shame at all. If anyone is curious on other aspects of my life, feel free to ask. via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2QOfczD

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