I've never been more upset and angry at the same time

So after reading this series i felt several emotions at once anger, disappointment, and sadness. I was at the verge of tears. I have found this subreddit as soon as i finished the series and read others post about how this made them feel mainly the ending, but they were still good reads especially since many of you guys felt differently. So I decided I need to let out how I feel about this series too, to at least have some closure. This post may be all over the place, but ill try to keep it organized. This is my opinion and i respect any opposing opinions. So please feel free to share :)​EpilogueLets get his piece of shit out of the way first. I, like most people on here, fucking hate it. Like many have said it is like a big fuck you from the author. Fuck you too then. So when i first finished the anime I decided to read the manga, but wanted to know what that last chapter was about just to see if there would be a happy ending. I was like ok so they probably went to prison again and then got freed and are gonna enjoy the wet T-shirt contest. BOY WAS I FUCKING WRONG. After reading the whole series I fucking hated that last chapter It did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. I didn't feel contempt with how it ended it simply made no sense, its like everything between the chapter after anime never happened. Now I get some people don't mind it and actually liked it. I respect your opinion. It just left a whole in my soul that is all.The Discovery and thoughtsSo I haven't watched anime or read manga for about 3 years now and even then I wasn't that crazy about, but I did enjoy the series I have watched. Which was roughly 3-4 series so not a lot. During those 3 years I had the urge to watch anime again, but didn't have motive to do so. It was only a yesterday in the morning that I found a compilation of uncensored scenes for this series. I assumed that it was a hentai because the name looked familiar, so I decided to look it up and watched the first episode to see how it was. After realizing it was an actual anime i was like why the fuck now and watch the whole season. After that I wanted continue the series by reading the manga and boy was I hooked. I got no sleep at all, I went to classes, came back home, and started to read more of it throughout the rest of the day and night. There were parts that didn't sit right like i felt that the cavalry battle went longer then it should and i didn't really like the cuts between the battle and to the chairman's perspective so i skimmed through those.CharactersI liked most characters of the series. At first I hated the USC, but they grew on me after reading the manga. Hana is my favorite out of all of them so I might be bias about the ending. Chiyo was a good character sweet and kind to everyone, always can be counted on. Kiyoshi was alright granted there were times where i simply hated his choices, but overall ok guy. His friends I didn't care for that much besides Andre towards the end, mainly because they made dumb choices as well, but i still like them when they acted like normal caring people. Im indifferent with the ASC.EndingNow this is where my feelings were all over the place. First off andre and risa ending up being together as a couple rather than being queen and slave made me tear up a bit i was happy for them. The USC president leaving made me upset not only because she left meiko (I felt bad for her), but because she didn't attend the party like she promised Kiyoshi, unless i misread and she promised him something else. The PBR group I didnt feel much mainly because they were just hanging out as friends. Now Hana, Chiyo, and Kiyoshi made me feel a lot of things. While I kept anticipating the moment he would confess to Chiyo about how he felt, I knew i was going to feel bad for Hana because of her experiences with him. Chiyo helped him break out of prison and prevented his suicide, I felt that Hana had more of a connection with him even if he didnt notice. So when she congratulated them i felt that deep down she didnt like the idea about them being a couple, but she put her feelings aside and tried her best to be happy for them. When she decided to freak out on him because she couldn't bare to see them together I thought she was going to finally confess her feelings for him, but nope she revealed him wearing her panties and simultaneously pissing himself. End. What kind of ending was that. That isnt an ending, sure we can see his regret, but what happens after?? How do they end feeling about eachother? Why didnt Hana just confess? Does she actually like him in the first place or was her main goal was to makechiyo be diisgusted by him and deny his love? Also why did they tease another president if the series was ending? It makes no sense. I honestly wanted Hana to confess and have Kiyoshi realize that everything she has done to him was out of love (or so i assume).After ThoughtsI havent read anything about the series outside the story itself nor do i have any information the kind of person the author is. All i read is that the author wrote the series was supposed to be some sort of joke (if it indeed was a joke then it was pretty good one, but also cruel). I read that he grew tired with the series (then why not end it earlier?). I also seen his new series on here called RaW Hero which i dont think im going to read. Im not happy with the way he ended the series so why would i continue reading his other work? to be disappointed again? I enjoy this series more than i thought i would. I never wouldve thought that i would be stabbed multiple times for enjoying something tho. It hurts. This is different then finishing a series with a true ending that makes you feel contempt. You know there is more to the story, but you are denied any knowledge of it only to be left with your thoughts and emotions eating you from the inside. Do i wish ill will to the author? no. Do i want a real ending? yes, i dont care if it ends with kiyoshi not being with anyone as long as it makes sense and actually tries up all loose ends then i could finally be at piece and look back at this series as one of the best ones i read. It doesnt even need to be another 50 chapters he could write at least another 10 which i feel would be enough to end it in a good note. But from i read on here this seems more like i fantasy than a reality sadly. Funny how i can write my thoughts about this soul tearing masterpiece without hesitation yet i havent started on my essay assignment. Anyways typing this out made me feel a bit better, whether this gets read or not i dont care i just need a way to express how i felt. I dont think i would want to reread the series or even watch the anime knowing how it ends. It left a scar in me and just seeing or hearing its name will make me feel depressed. I might end up typing more in the comments if i see fit or need to let it out again, but for the most part that is all i had to say. Ill continue lurking in the mean time.I hope you guys have a great day. :)​ via /r/Kangoku_Gakuen https://ift.tt/2FyXGOz

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