IWTL how to use the higher register of my voice

For context: I'm currently 17(F) and I used to sing in a choir up until around the age of 13. I was, and still am, a mezzo soprano and was told that my range can be utilised for both high and low singing. While I did find it quite easy and natural to sing, and subsequently, speak lower, I can't seem to get that strong, open sound when singing, god forbid talking. The feeling when speaking or singing low is, if I had to describe it, and sorry for the odd explaination, one of being clearer without being louder. I don't even try to speak higher because I'm afraid it just sounds like a man trying to voice a hentai terribly. Perhaps it's because I never used my high range since I was embarrassed that it would sound bad that it's underdeveloped, if that's even a thing.I quit said choir because I hated my voice too much to go on, and while that dislike for it has faded over the years, the moment I try speaking higher it gives off that same closed-off, childlike tone I used to always have back then.I've been wanting to get into voice acting in a purely amateur, hobbyist way but that's something I'm quite stumped on. Any advice is appreciated. via /r/IWantToLearn https://ift.tt/2zkkig3

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