Jonch the great.

The year is 2041, king Alex and his weaboo army now control Asia and 75 percent of the America's, the survivors flee to Europe, the last safe haven from the Anime Apocalypse, no one thought it would be like this, the Japanese had been planning this ever since 1960s, they have a grip on the world, King Alex no seeks out survivors and infects them by something them in Waifu pillows, it's the most catastrophic event in history, but there is hope, Commander Jonch and the resistance have been holding the weaboos on bay from Europe, but Jonch knows they will soon break through, they need a full scale assualt, he gathers his troops and marches through to the capital of the weebs, it's a bloodbath, the resistance mows down the weebs with lmgs, as the weebs keep coming with Waifu pillows, they keep on coming, the casualties are insurmountable, finally, Jonch and the survivors Strom the capital, King Alex sends his remaining men on the resistance and runs like a bitch, Jonch keeps his men to Defend against the attack as he runs after Alex, he finds him, but Alex punches him with a pillow, jonch recover, he knows Alex is too powerful, but then he remembers, his secret weapon, He throws a real women at Alex, stunned, Alex is confused he has never seen anything like it behind his hentai, jonch takes advantage and kills him, it's over, the remaining weebs are taken to concentration camps as the world recovers, we nuke all of Japan to end it once and for all, Jonch is hailed a hero, but deep down, he feels he could have stopped all of these deaths by just convincing Alex in 2018 to not be gay. via /r/copypasta

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