Just to be clear about my interests as an otaku

First off, I hate ecchi and fanservice. l notice it oftentimes pulls down what could otherwise be a really good show, just like how poop jokes in a kids movie can encourage the movie to be bland and boring. And why not? So long as you let a little bottom-of-the-barrel content get in, why not make the whole thing suck?Speaking of sucking. Hentai. Never liked it. Never actually got “intrigued” by it. There have been a couple times a story in said hentai was interesting, but only in the socio-psychological context.In connection to psychology, I’m interested in learning about people’s mindsets about things in otaku culture like lolis and waifus, merely to understand. I can understand the draw of both but I myself am not interested. I have a favorite character that I grew to enjoy in college, Haku Yowane, and every so often I’ll imagine writing her character into different situations and circumstances since a lot of people like doing that with vocaloids anyway.I’m easy to please when it comes to shows I like. Those particular shows usually interest me enough to write songs about them, usually because the shows themselves have great messages I’d love for others to enjoy to, as well as the show itself. And I’m big into dance so usually I dance along to what songs I write.So there you have it. Just wanted to post this so it’s clear. 🤪🙏🏻😆 🕺 🎤 via /r/u_RoarOtakuYT https://ift.tt/2FDrMQP

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