Keeping Up With The Revolution Ep. 6 (THE STEVOLUTION POWER HOUR)

Steve is showing around a new hire to get them situated, Steve enters the break room and sees Gorey Craves smoking a blunt, Steve looks angry at himSteve: “Gorey, we’ve been over this! GET GET.”Steve grabs a broom and starts to shoo him out of the officeSteve: “Sorry about that let’s keep going.”Steve is sitting in his office when he hears a fuck-ton of ringtones going off in TooRare’s office. Steve stands up and enters TooRare’s office.Steve: “TooRare, what the fuck?”TooRare: “Steve! How’s it going, one sec. I need to deal with something.”A phone goes off and TooRare picks up and goes onTooRare: “TOORARE ATTORNEY AT LAW.”Steve jumps at the sudden shoutSteve: “What the hell dude?”TooRare hangs up, and looks at SteveTooRare: “So, with Pruef’s bribe money, I used it to get a few… other jobs to make ends meets.”Steve: “Other jobs..?”TooRare: “Oh yeah, basic stuff like Attorney At Law, Private Investigator, Culinary School, Therapist, Catering, Divorce Lawyer, Child Therapist, Deputy Sheriff, Hitman, Social Media Influencer, Alcohol Anonymous Organizer, Accountant, Criminal Forensics Investigator, Professional Consultant, Blacksmith, Minister, Photographer, Pilot, Bed Tester, Lumberjack, Fisherman, aaaaand DPS General Manager. And these are all my phones for them.”Steve: “Well why’s this one so dusty?”TooRare: “That’s the one for DPS.”Steve glances up at the camera, before the camera cutsSteve is sitting in the office, he notices something, looking up. He runs into the main room of the office and the workers all look at himGale: “You alright Steve?”Steve: “Yeah… yeah it’s just…”Steve looks into TooRare’s officeSteve: “...where…”Steve starts looking aroundSteve: “LionTamer!”LionTamer walks out of a conference room that’s been repurposed into bedroomLT: “What’s up?”Steve: “Where the hell has TooRare gone?”LT: “Oh… I think he’s out doing… work or something? I don’t really know. He didn’t tell me.”The camera cuts to a different shot with LionTamer facing the cameraLT: “I’ve been incharge of ‘TooRare’ Proofing this place.”Footage of LionTamer going around the office making things safeLT: “Rounding edges, dulling knives, child-proofing Steve’s new bleach. And usually when TooRare wanders off Steve worries that he’s trying to kill himself.”TooRare and BiB are out, in some unexplained mission.BiB: “So… what are we doing again?”TooRare: “For the thousandth time!”BiB: “You’ve literally haven’t told me.”TooRare: “We’re meeting with a woman for my PI business.”TooRare knocks on the door and shoutsTooRare: “TOORARE, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.”The door opens and a nervous looking woman opens the doorWoman: “Um… hi… come in…”The two come in, and sit down in her living roomTooRare: “So what seems to be the problem?”Woman: “Well… my husband… has been… murdered. I need you guys to investigate. The police say a suicide BUT THAT CAN’T BE IT! HE WOULDN’T!”The womans starts to break down crying against BestInBound’s shoulderTooRare: “Ma’am. We’re on the case.”TooRare and BiB are at an abandoned building, there’s a chalk outline and evidence flags all aroundTooRare: “This is the place of the murder… must be nice…”BiB: “What’s nice?”TooRare: “Getting murdered.”BiB: “Oh…. Wait what?”TooRare gets on a knee feeling the center of the chalk outline scraping some of the dried blood. He licks it before drinking a flaskBiB: “Ew gross.”TooRare: “It’s ok. I disinfected my insides with this bleach”BiB takes the flask and takes a sniff before a taste to find out that it’s just Sprite since the Bleach was ‘TooRare’ Proofed. TooRare stands upTooRare: “I’ve cracked this case.”TooRare and BiB go to meet the woman once moreTooRare: “Ma’am. I’ve cracked the case.”Woman: “Really!? Who did it?”TooRare: “I’ve come to the conclusion… that your husband was infact murdered. That’ll be 10,000 dollars please.”The woman sits there stunned not able to say anythingSteve is walking around the office when he notices the picture of an anime girl on one of the computersSteve: “What the…”Steve turns to one of the workersSteve: “Hey… who’s computer is this?”Worker: “It’s um… BestInBound I believe.”Steve: “I see… I see…”BestInBound enters Steve’s officeBiB: “You wanted to meet me Steve?”Steve: “Yeah can you explain, this?”Steve holds up a picture of the scantily clad anime girl from the computerBiB: “MY BODYPILL- I mean, I don’t know what that is.”Steve: “Can you tell me why it’s on your computer then?”BiB: “I… cannot. I… plead the fifth.”Steve glances at the cameraSteve: “Well. You’ve got me there. Have a good day Best.”BiB leaves his office and the camera cuts to BiB facing the cameraBiB: “It’s called Hentai. And it is art. And anyone who says otherwise is wrong.”Steve is looking into the cameraSteve: “TooRare hasn’t understood that he runs the company. He has asked me for permission several times… last week he asked if I would let Gorey join Stevolution, denied of course.”The camera cuts out of the office to see TooRareTooRare: “Hey Stevolution Fans, It’s TooRare with a quick episode TOOPRANKS”A crappy looking 90s Graphic pops up on the screenTooRare: “Steve is doing a little interview, and we’re gonna get him good!”Steve exits the office and TooRare jumps upTooRare: “TOOPRANKS”TooRare stabs Steve in the side causing Steve to screamTooRare: “YOU JUST GOT TOOPRANK’D!!!”Steve: “YOU FUCKING PSYCHO”Steve lunges for TooRare’s next when an Eric Andre style ‘We’ll Be Right Back’ Plays via /r/LoserleavesReddit

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