KIA.....we really need to talk about the future of the western gaming industry and the game industry in general.

Before we begin i think it needs to be noted that I've recently been watching a lot of Razorfist, so if my language sounds familiar that's probably why.TL;DR at the end if you don't have time to read everything.So someone I followed on twitter(or used to follow) recently informed his followers about Yume Creations banning from steam, and so he swore to nuke his account and pirate any game he wanted for PC in protest of steam's discrimination.....a day later Yume Creations account was back up and i haven't heard a word from the guy i mentioned.This is the one side of the gaming community i absolutely cannot stand, this fatalistic nonsense where people just seem to assume that the worse is always going to happen and then just fly off the handle and take the most extreme position, when in reality the best approach is to wait and see what develops in the coming months. it's almost like some numbnuts want the apocalyptic scenario to happen so they can stew in their own despair. Despite things being better then they appear upon closer inspection. So today, lets do a quick analysis about what is going on at this current moment and determine where it will lead today.​The 4 great offenders.I don't need to explain you all know who I'm talking about so lets go through each one of them one at a time.Behind Door Number 1 we have the pariah of gaming, the winner of the golden poo 2 years in a row, and arguably the inspiration for the current iteration of Konami its Electronic Arts! These fine upstanding people have done such great things such as, making lazy and repetitive mashups of games, pandering to SJW's explicitly, and predatory practices via making their games basically pay to win.The result? A metric crap-ton of bugs, Destruction of gamer trust, being forced to slash prices in half barely a week after launch, and being SO greedy and predatory that they have actually managed to make lootbox's a political issue, and they're still trying to do it! I don't know how anyone can say EA is a good company anymore, and the worst part is they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. If they had any respect for their player-base, they wouldn't have had the gall to tell them to their faces "Buy it or Fuck off" and we all saw how that bit em in the ass didn't we?​But enough about EA, they are obvious it's no secret they suck, so lets move on.behind door number 2 of this Quad of trash we have.....Activation Blizzard Oh how the mighty have fallen. Well fallen would actually be rather generous, it's more like they swan dived face first into a spike pit. I don't even need to go into detail about the disaster that diablo immortal was, but to be honest......i think this was a long time coming ever since overwatch. Yeah overwatch, the game that started out fun and balanced, where nothing felt too op, people worked together, being a support actually felt relevant and tanks actually felt like tanks, but then egotistical dps mains kept whining about how they actually had to be smart about who they aim their guns at and it all just went downhill from there. To be honest overwatch was my first experience with blizzard, and i can safely say, it's also the last.​Now we have a company who needs no introduction, who is currently responsible for the most hilarious dumpster fire of a launch i have ever seen, and is actually so deep in shit that they could potentially face legal charges for what is basically a blatant scam which is only getting worse as the days go by. Bethesda you done fucked up. If you ask me, Bethesda game studios was always garbage. Between Elder Scrolls 3-5 and Fallout 3, 4 and the now infamous 76, their games have always been buggier then Shino Aburame's insides.These games were dog shit from day 1 and the only reason people let them get away with it for so long was because A. They were huge as hell and B. They were easily modable. The creation engine is an easy to pick up game program, that anyone with enough time can use, so then people can just make their own fixes to the game and that's what Skyrim felt like to me. A Barebones, half finished, dog turd that they shoved out to the masses and expected the modders to fix the rest.Look i get it mods are great, but if this game is only truly good when modded to hell and back, well at that point it's basically a new game isn't it? I'm gonna be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that i could take the drab and dull base game and turn it into a smut filled shagtastic bangfest, with women walking around with what can barely be called clothing and men with schlongs bigger then San Francisco's collective narcissism, I wouldn't have given this game a passing glance, and i could probably say the same for every first party title Bethesda has ever made.and finally we have soyny, you all know what's going on, you know how retarded they have become. This is not just beating a dead horse, the horse has been roasted, hacked into pieces, garnished and force fed to Michael Jackson's Corpse....twice. So all I'll say is this, japan is still very big on honor and loyalty and they don't take too kindly to betrayal. They will remember this.Now with all this you would be forgiven in thinking that this is the beginning of the end, the second gaming crash is upon us and gaming as we know it will cease to be....OK stop stop stop it there ya pessimistic dingus.Look the indie gaming scene is still strong, in fact some of the most critically acclaimed games in recent years were indie games. Celeste, the return of the obra dinn, dead cells and apparently a 2018 remake of system shock. and that's just some of the ones that came out this year, not to mention all the other ones that have made waves the past half decade.Then there's salvaging of other western companies and i'm gonna be honest. I frankly am holding out hope that ubisoft will come around, ever since they backed down from censoring rainbow 6 siege it kinda gave me hope that they can be salvages, specially considering that despite all that's going on they still make decent to good games albeit with some "Ahem" historical flexibility. But if you knew anything about Spartans you knew that their woman weren't to be messed with so it's not TOO out there.Japanese Games are pretty much insulated from this nonsense, they know that at the end of the day, fan service sells. They keep doing that and there's nothing to worry about.And finally the consoles/PlatformsPC:Nothing to really say here. PC is becoming the most used system for gaming. Steam is just gonna keep doing steam things and by doing steam things they keep being awesome.(Save a few hiccups here and there AHEM)Nintendo:......hooo boy nintendo. Is really taking a 180 on many of it's old hard assed policies, not only are they more fan service friendly to many of the games our old pal soyny used to be ok with, but they just recently announced that they are ENDING their creators program. Something has gained the ire of many Youtubers and twitch streamers for the past couple of years. I don't know if they are seeing soyny's corporate suicide, and made a straight about face to save themselves, or if they just walked into a meeting one morning and simultaneously said to themselves "HOLY SHIT! WE'RE ASSHOLES!" either way this is not an unwelcome change.Xbox:....everybody was so convinced that you were beyond saving, that you had sucked up the kool-aid and would eventually go down the same path as soyny, and there i was the only one who said that if nothing else you weren't inebriated in the social justice nonsense, that you would probably see this as the perfect opprotunity to fill in the gap that soyny left behind and fix all the bridges they burned down and they laughed mocked me and said i was just trying to justify getting an xboxone for KH3(Yes you know who you are, asshole) And then you turn around and do this. an xbox division for the sole purpose of developing partnerships with asian developers, practically tripping over yourselves to get the position filled as stated here quote “For the description of this offer, the GGPD team destined for Asia, should start as soon as possible and streamline the processes, so it follows that Microsoft is in a hurry to advance work there. At present it is Chris Charla or Phil Spencer who has to close deals there, now there will be a team and a more dedicated figure.”You can not WAIT to be soyny's replacement and to all those claiming i was just sucking microsofts dick, well all i can say is this.​IN ENDING: What am i trying to say here? Look what we are seeing right now, i can actually describe with an incident that happened when i was still in middle school. My mom, me and my little brother were driving from my nana's house on our way back home.Now the car we were in wasn't even a car, it was something akin to a heavy duty cargo van. Real durable truck. So we're driving on home right....and then here comes this Butt munch, his dumb ass is driving on the wrong side of the fucking street. And in the split second i could catch the car he's riding is this really trendy, expensive looking sports care and he's just barreling down the street without a care in the fucking world.So my mom makes a massive hard turn and the 3 of us start careening into an open clearing spinning like a fucking motorcycle jockey doing donuts and finally we stopped. How did we come out of it? A Busted headlight and a shitton of shot nerves since literally all of us saw our lives flash before our eyes, but we were otherwise fine.Meanwhile the Dipshit driving on the wrong side of the street, his car was just straight totaled. No joke it was just destroyed, and the guy himself was on a stretcher, wearing a Neck Brace, and what i can only imagine had to be several broken bones.We are not witnessing the beginning of a video game crash alright? What we are seeing is the start of what i imagine will be a video game car spin. With the majority of the gaming industry getting out of this with some minor scraps and the exploitative dishonorable twats getting reamed up the ass so hard it would make most hentai characters wince.​So if any of you are familiar with neptunia this is basically what's going on.The Hiveminded NPC horde controlled by the queen of microtransactions, has come to corrupt and destroy all of gameindustri, Noire(Playstation) has been captured by the npc mob, and brainwashed and corrupted ala Kerrigan from starcraft. The CPU sisters rally the masses to push back against the menace that seeks to destroy everything they hold dear to their hearts, while Vert(Xbox), Blanc(Nintendo) and Neptune(Who might as well be steam at this fucking point) set off to save their friend and bring her home......even if it means breaking every bone in her body and dragging her ass out of the abyss.There's and idea for you Idea factory, I'll take my check in the mail.TL;DR:There is no video game crash that is going to happen, this nickle and diming Bullshit that bethesda, EA, and Activision are doing are gonna bite them in the ass in fact it already has. Indie games are gonna get bigger, Japanese games are gonna stay awesome, PC is gonna keep growing, nintendo is being more lax in their rules, and xbox is eager to fill in the gap soyny left behind. We are not going to crash we are in a rollar coaster, and the ride looks to be slowing down.​​​ via /r/KotakuInAction

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