Looking for a slice of life but..more adult and serious

First - Ok i've never asked anything here, i'm pretty much a noob at reddit so sorry if i'm not that good asking stuff (and sorry for my shitty english, not my first language).So here's the thing, i'm a bit tired of your everyday slice of life with x teen and y teen, tipical school stuff one falls in love, other gets rejected and so on...i was looking for something more serious, more adult (NOT HENTAI plz), something like, for exemple the TV show "shameless" or "skins" or even a school slice of life thing, but a bit more adult. I just dont wanna see another pre teen anime you feel me?Some animes that i like - GTO, ReLife, Say i love you, welcome to the NHK, grand blue (although not really much a slice of life)Maybe i'm just too old and growing past this genre lol idk Please don't troll or shit on me, i'm just a bit lost. Thanks :) via /r/Animesuggest https://ift.tt/2zrpChM

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