Lost sexual interest in people after the breakup

How do I deal with this. I'm a 21 year old female, still a virgin, but I've always been super interested in sex. Yes my ex and I never had sex, it was long distance but we still visited each other. We did sexual stuff but no actual sex. I don't want to lose interest in something I've always really liked thinking about. Sorry for the super personal post but I used to watch a lot of porn. I can't even look at porn with real people now, it feels disgusting and it's a complete turn off. I can only look at hentai or drawings of porn now. I was never like this before but it now feels like I completely have no desire for other real people. This is probably a dumb post but I've never been through a breakup and this is really confusing. via /r/BreakUps https://ift.tt/2RcJ9cM

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