[META] Do we really need to have another conversation about humourless cyberbullying?

https://ift.tt/2zyhM6f posted a thread about this shit a year ago under a now-deleted account (here) and was assured that the mods were on the right side of the issue, promising to deal with bullying and harassment from tedious cunts with no jokes and way too many hours spent on quarantined subreddits. I haven't been to this sub in a while, but I was brought back when the above post popped up in another sub. Once again, r/RoastMe gets attention from the rest of reddit and the internet at large because of unfunny people having an orgy of humourless bile and mean-spirited schadenfreude at the expense of someone who posted a picture of herself with a view to having a laugh at her own expense.Reporting threads like these is encouraged, but how a post with 16k upvotes and 6 gildings (as of the time of this post, at least) has slipped under the radar of the mods is beyond me.Either enforce the rules - regardless of how popular a post becomes - or remove the rules about bullying so that potential roastees aren't mislaid about what they can expect when they post their photo. It's the least you can do for them, given the enormous psychological toll they often have to pay for actually contributing something here because of the handful of creepy apple-cart spoiling weirdos who have nothing funny to say but want to instead try to inflict some sort of emotional wounds on strangers for fun./rant via /r/RoastMe https://ift.tt/2Pe6mJE

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