Metalbeard likes lolis

So, as i said on another post i have many, many stories about my ex who turned out to be a neckbeard. we started dating when we 15 and broke up after two years. here's another story about him.​So, he, Metalbeard (Metalhead) was also an Otaku, and he liked lolis... a lot. This is clasic neckbeard and if you are a girl like me (skinny, small figure, baby face) things are going to get creepy. now i'd like to say that i never had sexual relationships with him but god he insisted so fucking much.One day i found a shitload of hentai, loli hentai, lesbian hentai, etc, on his phone and i started deleting it because even if i watch anime i kinda freaked out. Ok, i get it. it's fine to watch hentai but 100 pics in your phone? really?he got really angry and yelled at me that it was my fault that he has to "look for other ways to fill his sexual apetite cause i wont" and i was like "bitch what".​i deleted it all anyways, he ignored me the rest of the day. win-win situation.​sorry for my english btw.​​​ via /r/justneckbeardthings

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