Minecrafter kid supports rape entusiasts, Amerimutts believe that Europe is IRL Mad Max

Thread by controversial: https://ift.tt/2PcqUCp people and lost redditors who take things at face value thinks that OP is supporting the kid, little the know about the truth:https://ift.tt/2zv0W88 creates a FanFic about living in Current Year Europe and about rapes that totally happened and are all 110% true:https://ift.tt/2PcqSdL has funny ideas about the religion of peace and watches too much weird hentai:https://ift.tt/2zykp7Y salt:https://ift.tt/2PcqWKx my fellow sandniggas. via /r/Drama https://ift.tt/2zBhOdD

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