Moderate porn/hentai consumption possible?

Hi, (TLDR at the end)I have been doing no nut Novemeber and thus I have not been watching any porn since the start of November.Every time I started to crave porn I just think about how after Novemeber I can finally getting as much hentai as reward. But I have been reading a lot about productivity and how to be better, the major consensus is that one should quit porn for good.Now without the hentai reward at the end of the tunnel, it is getting harder and harder not to give in to cravings (I have not relapsed though.)Also I have noticed that once I stopped porn/hentai I have begun to feel like there is a void in me. This made me to scroll reddit or go on fb and youtube a lot more than normal (could this be to fill in the missing dopamin porn provided? If that’s the case then should I limited my porn consumption to once a week or maybe once every two weeks so that I could crave other forms of media less? A balance diet maybe?TLDR:Stopping porn has created a void that I have been feeling with increasing phone activities and other useless stuff to get enough dopamine. How to fill this void?I have been thinking about compromising on consuming porn only one day a week or maybe one every two weeks instead of everyday. via /r/pornfree

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