My dad made fun of me(15M) for watching hentai two years ago in front of my family and I tried to beat him up.

Throwaway account for obvious reasons. Today, we were setting up the Christmas decorations, and my dad was in a sour mood. Suddenly, for no reason, he said something about the time he caught me in my room when I was thirteen watching hentai, or anime porn. When he caught me two years ago I was MORTIFIED beyond words, which is pretty reasonable. We had “the talk”, and I thought that was it. It’s normal for him to make dumb names and pick on me in particular, calling me things like Nose Picker when I was eight and stuff, but this crossed a line. He said it in front of my 17 year old stepbrother, and my stepmom, who both hate me(but that’s another story).I froze up and immediately denied everything, embarrassed and confused as to why he brought it up. My stepmom laughed and my brother just sighed and continued setting things up. I went to the other side of the yard, only for him to continue. By this point I was pretty fucking pissed, and when I get mad I cry, so me, a 110 pound 6’ kid attempting to square up with my 6’2” 220 pound dad was pretty pathetic. He made fun of me more when I kept trying to hit him and yelling at him to shut up. He never apologized and just called me a punk.What should I do? I feel like he COMPLETELY overstepped a line this time, and things like this aren’t irregular, but never to this degree. I truly hate him right now, and am lost on what to do. via /r/relationship_advice

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