My father is a libtard and an NPC.

My father, the man who raised me, is a horrible libtard and possibly an NPC. He seemed better when I was young, like a true chad, but as I got older, I realized more and more that he was becoming a libtard.My dad and I would argue often. It started off with my showing him my favorite YouTube personalities. I would show him videos of atheists, skeptics and many others. Sometimes the videos would include libtards being owned. Unfortunately, he did not agree with me that said owns were epic. In fact, he would often take the side of the feminazis! I was appalled, but as he was from an older generation, I simply assumed that he was confused. Perhaps my mom (a Stacey if ever there was one) had brainwashed him with her pussy pass. She had been through multiple men, and I suspect she even dated negroids and other undesirables. She must have been the source of these horrible liberal delusions my father was having.All that changed last week.Rewinding a bit, I also have a sister. She used to be nice, but then she became a Stacey just like my mom. She started using whore pills and, to my shock, dating a black boy! As you might have guessed, I also hate black people, so this was a terrible shock to me. One day while I was digging through her panty drawer hoping to find some used ones to sniff. To my horror, I discovered an empty condom wrapper!Not only was she dating a black man, but she was fucking him too! My first thought was: what would Donald Trump do? You see, I love Donald Trump so much that my MAGA hat is the only thing in my room that I never used to catch my semen following my many hours-long hentai viewing sessions.Thinking about my President, I decided to confront this vile subhuman that my sister was dating. I put on my Ahegao hoodie and my best pair of fingerless gloves. I knew this might come to blows. I walked up to him and said, calmly, “are you fucking my sister?” He replied “I’m sorry, but I’d rather not say. Your sister is very important to me and I respect her privacy very much. I truly hope you can understand, because you’re important to me as her brother and I would like to have the very best relationship with you.” The only thing I could mutter in response was “nani???” before I began throwing punches.This guy is huge. He’s clean, handsome and powerful. He parried all of my blows like they were nothing. At some point during the brawl, he knocked the trilby off my head and onto the floor, and I accidentally stepped on it, ruining it. At this point, the rage started welling up inside me so I reached for my katana to finish the fight like a true samurai. I felt the spirit of Naruto fill me with courage, and just as I was about to take a swing, my dad walks in. I thought he would have my back, but to my shock, he took the side of my daughter’s buck! I was appalled. In that instant, I dropped my katana. I was defeated. I knew my father, the man who raised me, was an NPC!Soon after that, he told me to leave and I was only too happy to do so. I had had enough of this house and the libtards in it. I went back the next day to grab my laptop, as it contained by loli collection and my erotic Jordan Peterson lobster hentai fan fiction (I’m still working on it so please don’t ask to read it). My father would not let me collect my things. I looked him in this eyes and said “I have no senpai” before leaving. Within the hour I had rented an apartment with a friend despite having no job, no money, no possessions, never bathing, and having no friends. I texted my father and asked him to return my gaming supplies. My Skyrim waifu is now the closest thing I have to family. via /r/copypasta

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