My friend is too far gone

I had a friend and his name was Josh, let’s call him J. J had very few friends, he watched hentai, was an alcoholic and rarely took showers. On his 30th birthday he took his first shower in weeks, it doesn’t sound that bad right? But truth be told he only took a bath because he had started dating a woman. This woman was weird, she was way too good for J, had really long nails and really long hair. J on the other hand was the slimmest person I knew, you could see his rips and he would often complain about not having enough money for food.J had fun on his birthday, he had a full stomach for the first time in his life and had a beautiful woman with him. I attended his birthday party and wondered where he got this money, as it turns out it was put together by his girlfriend. Now this doesn’t sound weird until you realise that they had been together only for a week. I eventually just but it to them being in love and supported their relationship whenever they needed help, however it got weird when his girlfriend made him quite his job and started supporting him financially. After a few months it got weirder, J had gained 100 pounds and had started having trouble walking but I acted like nothing was wrong figuring that it wouldn’t matter but I slowly watched J increase in size and by the time J was 31 he had put on 700 pounds. I was worried and asked him if noticed that he had “physically changed” and he asked me how I knew he was growing a neckbeard, this caught me by surprise but I told him that I had known him for so long that I would probably notice if something changed even the slightest. I was confused as to why he would grow a neckbeard and after confronting him he told me that it was his girlfriend’s idea.This was suspicious as J had hated facial hair for as long I knew him, saying it was itchy and resulted in me doing a background check on his “girlfriend”. As it turned out she was active on forums about obese porn and neckbeards and it hit me, she had found my friend and figured out he would be a perfect candidate to be turned into a neckbeard, I thought about confronting her but it was too late and my friend was too far gone. I now rarely meet my friend and on the times I have met him he has referred to women as M’Ladies. My friend is a neckbeard and too far gone. via /r/justneckbeardthings

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