New Rules

The following changes have been made to the rules of this subreddit:Rule 1 was edited to reflect changes towards handling neglected NSFW tags. Posts that neglect NSFW tags will now always be removed.Rule 6 was added because the frequency of hateful comments has increased, especially ones encouraging harm on others. It's not stated, but if people are found to be repeat offenders of this rule, they will get banned.Rule 8 is the rule a lot of people have been wanting, and after a lot of deliberation it is now here. Furry sandwiches are no longer allowed in this shop. This shop is dedicated solely for anime/hentai like sandwiches. For yiff sandwiches please visit r/SubwayYiff.Further changes are still under consideration. Should NSFW tagging not be done better, then two options will be considered. One, there might be an attempt to get more moderators. Two, the entire sub will just be made NSFW. This is still up for debate, but option two is being considered the most for now.Anyway, feel free to discuss the current changes or the proposed future changes here, and I'll be sure to consider everything that is said. via /r/SubwayHentai

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