Nofap day 1

So i first tried my nofap journey in november 2015 or 16...i don't remember correctly. Highest streak was about 65-66 days, 2nd highest streak was 36 days and 2nd highest was so easy mainly because they were good days. Now i left my job for studying for my exam and left my girl because i realised i never loved her and wanted to break up from a long time, 3 years to be exact, its been 5 months since my break up and in initial months, it didn't feel much...but now i miss her so much sometimes, and when i remember her, i fap or go gaming or find some other unhealthy release, i started hentai again, i left it so hard, started reading hentai manga and self inflicting masochist ways of fantasies.....i reflected back on my past and what i did was terrible, what happened to me was terrible too...and i don't know what to do...for mental clarity and peace of i can focus on my career and next girl in my life, i am starting this so i can't go back to her because thats what i did 3 times before...i need this. I need this so hard.yeah so Well! Wish me. via /r/NoFap

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