On bringing the Wifu to Thanksgiving

I visited that family once! He has a 20tb hentai collection, which is weak compared to my 300tb of every NSFW image in existence. That guy is unfortunately a cretin (160 IQ), though he does make it up by being a waifu pillow connoisseur 😘. Unfortunately, we ended up having an argument about some MLP fanfiction, which ended up with me kicked out of the house after an hour of meeting him.I was so devestated to the likes of which you sub 200 IQs won't understand. I planned my revenge.I stayed up all night until 5am (he jacks off to rule34 Splatoon on Sunday nights). Using my enlightened intelligence, I unsheathed my katana I got from the mall to cut my way through the front door. The parents were upstairs, which is perfect for my ingenuous plan! I was waking to the basement, not making a peep.As I made my way downstairs while avoiding the Bad Dragon dildos, I noticed my ex-friend asleep, with his waifu pillow next to him. Time to go to work. I unsheathed my blade, and stabbed all the pillows in the room. Cum soaked cotton flew everywhere. Mission complete. I hastily ran out the house.It's been two years since. Last time I heard of him, he got into heroin due to his depression over his pillows. Nothin personnel, kid😎🗡 via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2FMnQxu

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