PA - Client leaves pornographic voicemails on my phone and my employer has not done anything.

Before we go further, this is a throwaway and I'm posting for a friend who doesn't use Reddit! Before we begin I'll lay some ground work. My friend works for a business in South Western PA that has a collection of homes they're purchased and basically rents to mentally disabled adults who need 24/7 care. He is a young, gay male if that makes any difference to the situation he is in. My friend works night turn and cleans and does night monitoring as well as assisting for bathroom breaks and such in the night. Here's what he sent me on what happening."Ok. So i called work one day from my cell to talk to my boss. Turns out she wasnt there. Within 10 minutes of me calling the house i got several call backs, it was my client. He used *69 to get my number and memorized it so that he could start calling me. I told him it wasnt ok and he told me "it was a joke, we used to do it in the childrens program" i said he was an adult now and it wasnt ok and i asked him politely to stop calling me. The calls continued, i had over 8 in the first week and he even called me from his mothers cell phone which i promptly blocked on my phone along with the two work numbers. The calls continued but since its just my phone blocking it he can still leave voicemails. And so he has. Hes called me probably once a week for a few months now and ive had my boss and the other staff tell him not to call me. Ive told him several times not to call me. The people above my boss have told him not to call me. He called me the day before Thanksgiving from his moms cell, half an hour after he left the house. I reported it and they talked to his mom and she told him to leave me alone. He called me again today and left me another voicemail of his hentai playing. First one was 24 seconds. Then the second was 36. This one was 48 seconds of hentai in my voicemail. One other voicemail was him pretending to be the police saying he was after me for something i did. The rest of the voicemails have been mostly a few seconds and then him hanging up. I've told him three weeks ago i will call the police if i have to and it didn't stop him. The calls continued. They said they will have another meeting about this but im worried the solution will be to remove me from the house i work with or to tell me to change my number. Neither of which will solve the issue. Im worried if i go to the cops that work will fire me because he is my client, he pays the company to live here, im just an employee. This same client last month managed to get hold of a gun and discharged it in the house. The police came and took the weapon and the whole thing was swept under the rug like it didn't even matter."So he basically wants to know, is the hentai voicemails considered anything like harassment? And should this be so, some advice on how to proceed with this being that it is an individual with some mental disability? Can his work do something like moving my friend to work at a different house (won't stop phone calls) or make him change his number instead of addressing the issue?Thanks everyone! via /r/legaladvice

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