People who dislike entire websites are...strange to me

I understand not liking Instagram for the consumer culture it produces and how self conscious it can make you feel. But hating it because it’s popular is a bad reason.Another example is good old tumblr. I use it, and I genuinely have a good time because I don’t follow reactionary assholes, and surround myself with content I enjoy. Do I have my fair share of “what the absolute hell is going on” moments? Absolutely. But I’m not going to knock a whole website filled with content I enjoy because of a few loud, dickheads with obnoxiously bright haircuts. I’ve met amazing people on there who I’ve been friends with for YEARS. That’s not me making an echo chamber (because I am friends with a few people who disagree with some of my views but we are still friends), it’s just me looking after my mental health.Same with reddit, I used to think that people who used reddit where all incels or hentai obsessed crazy wingnuts. But after being on here for a few days I actually really like it here. Again, same case with tumblr, if you aren’t surrounding yourself with decent people and content, “”you’re gonna have a bad time”And this is the same with every other social media out there. Same with Twitter, same with 4Chan. Those websites are what you make of them. Except Facebook because there is some actual illegal shady shit going down. via /r/unpopularopinion

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