Questioning League of Legends' ESRB Teen Rating

Hello,Before I start I would like to say that this is not a rant, I happened to have some free time, so I figured that I'd bring League's teen rating to light. Although I can not give two shits about this completely irrelevant topic, I am extremely curious about how Riot got League this rating.According to the official ESRB rating categories and content descriptors, a teen rating may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language, and is perfectly suitable for anyone 13 and above. However the standers are immediately thrown down the drain when you starting to read into the character lores in the Universe of League of Legends. Here are some examples:*CONTENT WORNING*Aatrox: Trapped in his blade for millennia without a body. In his lore it describes how he tried to breath, yet he had no lungs, and had to endure the agony of constantly choking; How he tried to move, yet he had not body. After millennia he eventually went psychotic and became what he is today.Annie: A twisted child that burned her entire family alive only because her mother favored her sister in a fight for a teddy bare (Tibbers).Dr. Mondo: Sadistic, finds sexual pleasure from cleaving other's body open with an infected clever, likes toe nails and once ate a cat whole while it was alive (The lore only bring it up once, but I imagine he has done it multiple times).Evelynn: Torturing happy people (especially the happy ones, in her lore she stays away from people that are already beaten by life). She starts her torturing by having sex with them and cutting their limbs off while they reach climax, then slowly peels off their skin and would sometimes wear them just for fun. Oh and her favorite thing to do is to torturing her victims in front of their family. She once killed a man during sex right before his wife and children's eyes.Jhin: Obsessed with “meat sculpturing” (yep it's what you think it is), his magical bullets can shape flesh then shot at a body, allowing him to snipe someone into a statue made out of their own meat (creative as hell gotta give's that).Jinx: Crazy, once blew up a wedding and killed everyone in it just because she felt like it.Nautilus: Got his rope cut during a sea mission, drowned in his huge diving suit while being dragged down by some sort of hentai magic than got fucked super hard and now wonders around at sea killing everyone who doesn't give the ocean a gold coin before they leave the harbor.Nocturne: Killed a father in his dream but altered it so in the dream the father was killed by his own son.Pyke: Left to die in the sea, now wants to kill the whole world for not saving him.Singed: Chem bombing, conducts extreme experiments on humans, and is too strong in game riot pls nerf singed.Tahm Kench: Embodiment of gluttony, has a thing for talking people into gambling and making them win everything and then takes everything away just for fun.Thresh: Loves torturing people, once worked with a warlock that would regrow any flesh cut off of him, so Thresh would cut his muscles off again and again and again...Urgot: Tortured to half death, led a revolution, killed the people torturing him, and is now on a mission to purge the weak, killing anyone he deems unworthy of living by putting them into a massive meat grinder and put what's left of them on his own body.Vayne: On a mission to kill everything magic related, fall in love with another girl with the same purpose, and killed her immediately after she used magic TO SAVE VAYNE.Vel'Koz: Jams his tentacles into people's brains to grasp their knowledge.Vladimir: Once cut off the head of two little boys just because he liked the way blood shoots off of a headless neck. Used to demand human sacrifices where he would suck the blood out of his victims and use it to extent his life, as well as using their flesh and bones to reshape his body.Warwick: Failed experiment of Singed's, got a metal spine to replace his own, during the experiment one of his hand fail off, and was later replaced by jamming a huge metal claw into his arm and made his flesh regrow onto the metal Fram giving him a claw hand, has a pump that injects him with a chem that inflects pain every time he sees pray.Zilean: Stuck in the moment his town was invaded by void creatures, the images of people being ripped apart is constantly looping in his head.I would like to clarify that I do not think that League is unworthy of a teem rating, the point of this post is to explain and share my opinion, or my curiosity rather. I agree that the game it self is perfectly fine on its own, however the lore and the background setting just don't fit the description of the teen rated contents.​Thank you for taking your time to finish the post, and have a good day. :P via /r/leagueoflegends

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