Ranting about an anime character design trend. Zombieland Saga, Re:Zero, JoJo and Batman

I've seen this smug face of Saki from Zombieland Saga a lot in r/animemes and it just sturred up my hate for this visual trick anime uses a lot. The eye being visible through hair (or other things like the frame of glasses) that actually should cover it.Sakis mildly infuriating left eyeObvious reason why somebody like me would hate this is of course it's unrealistic portrayal. I should not be able to see this eye but I do. Just a look at this character design challanges my suspension of disbelief.But I think I get why they did that. Our eyes are the most expressive part of our body and in animation you can exaggerate this experssivness even more to get some awesome facial expression or animation. Comedies like Konosuba or Nisekoi use overly exaggerated expressions to awesome effect and so does Zombieland saga. So it makes sense to make the eyes of the characters as visible as possible. Perfectly justified, right?No it's fucking not. If you're goal in animation is to make awesome facial expressions through the eyes then the character should have NOTHING in front of his eyes. If you design a character with strands of hair that cover an eye, the most expressive part of the body, it means that this characters hides something from the audience and/or the others characters in the story. It adds mystery and a more sinister tone to the character. Zombieland Saga is a comedy, so that doesn't fit in at all. But then they even make the eye visible through the strands of hair which destroys the whole goddamn point why character designers cover eyes. The mystery is gone and the strand of hair is just there for shits & giggles. On top of that, everytime I see this character design I have to question why I see this fucking eye through the hair and it triggers the suspension of disbelief thing. All you had to do to was to not cover her eye and all my problems with this design would be gone. But no, you gotta have "style" so it "looks cool".What makes me even more furious is that even though the strands of hair that cover the eye don't fit in comedy series, they could have used it to make their work effecient. Eyes are one of the most time consuming things to make during animation. Just look at the pic above. The Iris of her right eye starts from the bottom with a white color, fades into orange and then into a light brown. Then comes a hard cut to a deep brown arc over her pupil. After the brown arc there comes again an orange color which fades into white. On top of that the eyelids cast shadows and there are reflection of lights srpinkled all over the place. And if it wasn't already bad enough the eye even moves. By covering up the eye they wouldn't have to invest time to draw the eye. They still decided to make both eyes visible tho, because fuck effeciency. Hentai productions use this trick all the time. Nobody cares about the male MC in hentai so they just give him long hair to cover both his eyes and now it's easier and faster to draw him.A good example for the use of the hair strands would be Rem from Re:Zero. Sometimes her eyes also visible through her hair but it makes sense since her hidden darkside was revealed and resolved making her a more trustworthy character. Her design reflects this by showing both of her eyes more often. In her "redeeming" scene the wind even blows away her strands of hair to full on show her eyes in a realistic and climactic way.​Rem opens up and so does her right eyeAnd a good example of hiding eyes for the sake of more effecient work (outside of hentai) would be JoJo in anime or super hero masks in comics/cartoons. Spidermans, Deadpools and Batmans masks make their eyes completely white, so they are just a white shape. These white shapes can still express emotion while not having to animate the Iris, pupil and light reflections of the eye. JoJo uses shadows covering the eyes during specefic scenes where the shadows either make the character more intimidating or add to the weirdness of the scene.​Batman's iconic eyes​JoJo characters drink ice tea ominouslyClarification stuff:I didn't see the whole series of Zombieland Saga. I saw some clips of youtube like the rap battle and the rope swing sceneI don't disslike Zombieland saga, just this character design which Zombieland saga also uses.From what I have seen Zombieland saga seems to be a good showYes, I care about this stuff a lot and think about it alotIf you got something to add then put it in the comments and discuss.Thanks for reading and taking part in my hate. via /r/anime https://ift.tt/2qN1DEY

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