Rape/Mindbreak Eroge without any form of consensual sex?

I think the title says enough, but let me explain. So the while the whole rape and mindbreak theme is pretty overused in hentai, I have yet to find an eroge, maybe nukige that exclusively deals with rape, no consensual sex at all. The MC should be a cynical hateful Omega male (but he doesn't show it to the outside, but rather in inner monologue) and the routes shouldn't have the goal to romantically get involved, but the MC should get close to the girls throughout the course of each route and at the end rape and mindbreak her (basically a deconstruction of the classic romance route). Also NTR should be there if possible (but the MC should be the guy who takes the girl away and breaks the other guy).​As wicked as it may sound, is there really no VN like that? I mean in hentai it's very popular, there has to be something like that.​ via /r/visualnovelsuggest https://ift.tt/2R6tyeR

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