Reasons to be HentaiFree?

Hi. I just came across this sub by accident, and I am quite amazed to see that there are this many people trying to overcome a hentai addiction. It honestly made me think about my own situation with hentai. You see, I don't think of myself as an addict, even though I read H Doujinshis daily; but I don't think I dedicate that much time to it anyways. The thing is, I have problems socializing, and I am at a certain point of my life where I have to take important decisions, but I feel totally lost. I haven't narrowed the source of my problems yet, but I just became curious if any of you have overcome this kind of problems by being HentaiFree. Do you think hentai may be taking part in this? I'm also interested in just knowing why did you decide to leave it?? via /r/HentaiFree

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