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Hi /u/Yeager_xxxiv, you're not shadowbanned, but some of your comments/submissions were removed. Comments/submissions may be removed automatically by spam filters and not necessarily by human moderators.Reviewed most recent 250 comments/submissions. Found 3 removed.Submission: /r/askscience, 2018-11-30, "Would a person moving near the speed of light be able to accelerate a object to the speed of light or faster?", 1ptsComment: /r/pokemon, 2018-11-24, "My Chansey is too powerful to be contained by mere graphs.", 1pts:It's EXTRA THICC!Submission: /r/pokemon, 2018-11-24, "TIL The Electric Tale of Pikachu was written by a Hentai Artist", 0ptsI'm a multi-function bot. My home is at /r/CommentRemovalChecker - find out if your comments/submissions have been silently removed! via /r/CommentRemovalChecker

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