[SERIOUS] Guys which is the best customizeable desktop environment / window manager?

Hey guys!I see all these cute neko lolis on r/unixporn and I really want to make my own. I wanna know which is the best environment for cute kawaii nekos, and which is the best one for hentai lolis. I don't want the baka police-chans to come and arrest me, so I need a safe one, and a highly customizeable one. Prefferably one where you can toggle the pictures to with-without censorship and change pictures so the neko moves when you do something. Oh, and it has to support lightning fast toggling of browser windows because I like to watch 3 hentais at once, one of which is always bocu no pico or futabu!. Please help! I have xfce atm, but it looks like windows from 1995. I want a proper cute loli neko environment so I can look at my little princesses any time I want.Btw I use Arch, so the environments should be compatible!Thanks! via /r/LinuxCirclejerk https://ift.tt/2Kxq3eZ

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