Shitty Friend gets a shitty grade

So my friend and I had an agreement where I would help him with his presentation for a class and he would help me record a video for my Film class. So I headed over to his house to get started working on his presentation, and he isn't home. The next day I come over and he is home, so we get started. Everything is going great, we are making record time on the slideshow presentation and his girlfriend made cookies. All was great. After about an hour he gets up to go "assemble the camera equipment" (his specialty). I finish the slide show and go into the kitchen to find him sound asleep and having broken my camera lenses. (They ran total about $100) I got so mad so I went back to his slideshow and filled random spots with porn and tentacle hentai and all sorts of fucked up shit. I saved it on the flash drive and brought it out to him. Put it by his glass of wine, grabbed my camera equipment and left.The next day in class he loads up the presentation and the first thing they saw was SOOO fucked up beyond imaginable. He continues on and ends up showing ever piece of porn I had loaded on there. He failed the assignment, and lost his shit.Sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm on my phone in the next period thinking about this. via /r/ProRevenge

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