Should Chris-chan be considered a "real" transgender person?

I realize that this is a difficult topic to breach, and that's why I wanted to ask it here, to a bunch of Internet strangers, rather than to a few of my transgender friends.Some of you may know who Chris-chan is. He's a notorious Internet e-celebrity who is...difficult to describe, but basically he's been a lolcow for nearly as long as 4chan has existed. At one point in his "Love Quest" (read: creeping out girls online and in-person and being trolled by people pretending to be girls online), Chris-chan decided he was transgender and began dressing more feminine-like and choosing the name Christine instead of Chris. Up until then, Chris-chan's only understanding of gender roles and sexuality was a steady diet of hentai and Southern-fried misogyny and homophobia, so it's not entirely certain what Chris-chan's understanding of being transgender was before Chris-chan started to transition. From reading Chris-chan's online posts immediately before and after Chris-chan's transition process, it seemed like Chris-chan used terms like "lesbian" and "tomgirl" to imply that now that Chris-chan was a woman, Chris-chan could be embraced more fully and intimately by other women, similarly to the archaic teen comedy trope of teenage boys dressing up as women so that they could be welcomed into the women's locker room. At one point, after listening to a series of snake oil femdom erotic hypnosis-type sound files, Chris noticed that his taint, which was infected by an attempt at piercing it, started to grow even more gangrenous and infected, which Chris-chan misinterpreted as a clitoris starting to grow, inspired by the hypnosis tracks.I understand that every process of transitioning and every transgender person should be seen as equally valid, so it's difficult to add Chris-chan's particular situation into the mix of transgender issues. I know that it doesn't sound great to ask whether Chris-chan's transgender identity is "real". But considering Chris-chan's history with gender and sexuality, it seems like Chris-chan gender identity was more of a means to an end. Also, it seems like Chris-chan has forgotten or discarded the gender identity struggle that he professed to have only a few years ago, abandoning it for other shiny toys like begging for donations on Twitch and identifying as one or more characters from the anime video game Hyperdimension Neptunia. It honestly doesn't seem like a real commitment in the same way that I understand the transitioning process to be, either from other people's stories or from my own friends' experiences.What's the best way to look at this, from the perspective of people who have more insight into it than I do? via /r/asktransgender

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