Should I (17F) talk to my partner (18M) about an entirely "me" problem?

Hi Reddit.I have been in a relationship with X for a few months now. It is going well. I am asexual and he is not. He is aware of that, and has been since before the relationship started. The asexuality is something I thought I'd mention because I... Guess it's relevant? Maybe not. Oh well.A while ago, I looked through X's Reddit account comment history.* Very awful idea, haven't done it since. Through a mix of that and sly remarks from his friends, I've learnt X has a bit of an interest in hentai. I get very uncomfortable whenever thinking about this, especially the specific evening when I looked at his profile. When we aren't together, I think about it... Somewhat often, unfortunately.I have not been able to pinpoint the cause of/reason for the discomfort and it is driving me absolutely insane. I have also been seemingly unable to get RID of the discomfort, and it doesn't seem to be going away with time.But, this interest does not affect our relationship in any way. It can't affect our sex life, since, uh... We don't have one. He doesn't compare me to anime characters or something, or ask me to act/dress/whatever differently. He doesn't reference said hentai around me, either.So... What should I do? If anything? As mentioned in the title, this is a "me" problem, exclusively - I am not trying to get him to stop looking at that stuff or whatever, I am trying to get past MY discomfort. And I'm pretty sure that even if I talked to him about it, there's... Not much he could say to me, right? He's not gonna have any more of a clue on what I should do than I am - he's not gonna understand my feelings or discomfort any better than I am. He's pretty direct, so I feel as if, after I told him how I felt, he'd sort of be like "That sucks. Um... What am I supposed to do about it?" And I'd be left absolutely clueless as to how to respond.On the other hand, I know communication is really important in relationships and I probably shouldn't be trying to shove things down.TL;DR: I don't know whether I should talk to my partner about an issue that is an issue only for ME and not for our overall relationship. Help?Also, I had a bonus question for anyone who feels like answering it: Is it healthy to ignore an aspect/interest of your partner's (or act as if it doesn't exist) so you can have a happy relationship? I have always felt like lying, even to yourself, should be avoided at all costs, but... I don't know.*He willingly/straightforwardly mentioned his full username to me one day. I didn't stalk him or come across it by accident.Thank you in advance, everyone ūüćÄ via /r/relationships

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