[SL] Translator looking to get into scanlation

I don't really know how to write this lol. I live in Japan, I speak Japanese but not perfectly. I wanted to get into scanlation as a way of practicing translation and making myself use Japanese more. I used to assist with the scanlation of a Beyblade manga as a cleaner, long before I started learning Japanese. Through that experience I could probably run as a one man power house and do an entire scanlation by myself but that's kind of a lot of work and I would likely give up on it quickly as a result. If possible I want to assist a scanlation team, but I'm also busy with real life so it would need to be on my own time.I'm not sure my long term goals with this. Maybe I want to build a translation portfolio, or maybe I have an interest in translating hentai manga eventually. If I could be paid even just a little bit it would be a huge help but I don't expect that since scanlation groups aren't exactly legit, but it's a lot of work so it would be appreciated.Would anybody be able to help me with getting into this? My interest lies mostly in slice of life, romance or hentai. via /r/manga https://ift.tt/2DOY218

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