tEAm fortress 2, a comprehensive review.

So after my 50th playthrough of le hidden gem witcherino 3, I decided to find more le hidden gems. I hopped onto stEAm and went browsing through the store. While searching, a certain game caught my eye. The cover art showed 9 strong male characters and NO women. It was perfect. I quickly deleted 512 MB of hentai off my desktop to make room for this perfect game. Upon opening it, I noticed there was no good singleplayer option. It was starting to smell of Todd. Putting this aside, I hopped into a multiplayer game. As promised, it was a full lineup of strong MALE characters. I paged through all the classes until I found 😎scout😎, who fit my personality perfectly. Clearly he was the main protagonist, so I picked him. The game so far seemed to be very good, but upon my third hundred hour of playtime I noticed some historical inaccuracy! One of the characters is a minority!!!! He's even a disabled minority!!!!! I made it my mission to exclusively hunt this character down and leave all these healthy white males alone. Apparently the SJWs got to them and they defended their minorities! I had to leave this game in disgust at only 990 hours of playtime. I know I fell short of the customary 1000 you have to play to review a game, but it was too much for me to bear. I decided to dig a little deeper into this historically inaccurate liberal arts disgrace of a video game. I must warn you about this next part, because it's very triggering. I noticed they had a comics series. As everyone knows, comics are the only non-video game way to enjoy media. I excitedly opened the comics and was absolutely horrified. This absolute blasphemy includes-women-minorities-MINORITY WOMEN-communism-HISTORICAL INACCURACYAbsolutely aghast, I quickly closed out of the window and rushed straight here to warn all of my fellow gamers of this horrible game. Do not buy. via /r/Gamingcirclejerk

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