Thank you Linux for giving me freedom!

Hellow guys!I just want to share with you how happy I am that I discovered Linux, and how much it has given me. I used to be your usual normie, playing games on windows, and going online, and listening to youtube. But one day, a friend of mine told me about Linux, and how privacy invading windows is. This really had me worried, because I liked to frequent certain semi-legal websites. But since then I set up my rig for full privacy, gotten myself a VPN and TOR, and now I can freely browse all the loli hentai I want. Even the lewd uncensored series that are illegal in canada, england and new zealand. Linux has given me the freedom to adorn my desktop with kawaii neko lolis, and the i3 windows manager (btw, I use Arch) lets me easily switch through several videos at once. Mom always gives me a dissappointed look when she brings me breaded poultry tenders and honey-mustard sauce into my room, and sees my futanari tsundere waifu screensaver, but then I just hand her my used diaper to clean so she goes away, as I get hard again to the bocu no pico episode I have been tabbing through.Thank you Linux for the freedom and privacy you give me. Without you, I would be some cucked normie surrounded by harlots who don't even watch anime, and just want my money while they jump from bbc to bbc. I ain't giving my dissability and unemployment check to anyone but mom to buy me mt dew and chips. And a Tails USB so I can do my thing in the Mcdonalds bathroom when I go visit them during the school period, and for the new snickers mcflurry. via /r/LinuxCirclejerk

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