The Aether Guardian

​ Viridian Knight Hero SpotlightAs the proud Aether Guardian, Stahl is my best choice to defend the most important thing to me in this life, Aether. He runs obstruct as a message, "over my dead body", forcing you to fight an unfair battle versus him and his brutal hentai pornstar horse. His sword skills are famous all over the continent, so his C slot is just a reminder of what he is capable of, as a warning. He doesn't need the best weapon to slaughter your entire team, that's why he has Steel Sword, as a handicap. As for Defense +2, Stahl is the best attack powerhouse in the game, but some counters(TA + saphire lance) are able to do 1 point of damage to him, so I need to prevent that. After the battle, he usually enjoys to dance over the dead bodies, that's why I gave him Earth Dance to set free his dancing skills. He doesnt need support or special skills, it would hurt his pride. via /r/FireEmblemHeroes

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