The Challenge begins

Hello again fellow pokemon fans, I'd like to thank everyone for their support yesterday after I announced my beginning of the pokemon nut challenge. Below I have the rules I will be following, these are just rules I have come up with that made the most sense, if there is something specific that I should follow please comment below!So here is the calendar plan, I will be following each Generation of pokemon obviously starting from Gen I and finishing on Gen VII*keep in mind Gen VIII may be introduced in 2019, depending on content I may or may not follow onto that GenHere is the estimated calendar period for each Gen:Generation I : 151 Pokemon II : 100 Pokemon III : 135 Pokemon IV : 107 Pokemon V : 156 Pokemon VI : 72 Pokemon VII : 81 Pokemon VIII : TBA 2019Total : 802 Pokemon2 beatings a day= 401 days to completionGen 1 - 75.5 days -est total completion – 1st FebruaryGen 2 - 50 days - est total completion – 22nd MarchGen 3 - 67.5 days – est total completion – 29th MayGen 4 - 53.5 days – est total completion – 21st JulyGen 5 - 78 days - est total completion – 7th OctoberGen 6 - 36 days -est total completion – 12th NovemberGen 7 - 40.5 days – est total completion – 22nd DecemberEst Total Completion – 22nd December 2019I expect to be able to consistently perform 2 slappings of my salami each day without dying or running out of steam, if I follow that plan, going from Gen 1 to 7 will finish 22nd December 2019, just in time for christmas.I noticed some people were asking about a rule 34 rule, I'm not entirely sure what that means, for content I will be out sourcing the best I can to whatever sites I need to, some I will most likely visit are:Rule 34MultpornHentai Foundry​I will be providing weekly updates with a diary of how many beatings I have reached, as well as what pokemon I got up to. Thank you to everyone and I'm off to start the season! via /r/ultimatepokebattle

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