The Crooked Cuck's are looking for more members to add!

A Discord server that is operated by multiple Admins with no one taking the top. We are a group of OP weirdos that don't judge anyone for their problems but embrace them and let them flourish. Most of us have some level of "WTF" value which makes for some fun chats and interesting conversations. We aren't super strict on rules and don't have a specific detailed hierarchy set in place for peeps. Just a haven for people that can't fit in with others and to have a place where people can be themselves no matter how messed up they are. This isn't a server for people who are sensitive to language, vulgar jokes, dark memes, shit talking, or perverted content. We are seeking like minded people that want to share in our messed up ways and hang together.​The only rule I do have is anyone who joins needs to be 17 or older. This is not a server for kids or younger teens and I only encourage people above that age range to join. If someone younger than that joins the server you will be kindly kicked so that you will not get into trouble or get us into trouble.CONTENTMusic bot set up and a channel for all that spamSeparate hentai and porn channels for perverted needs or sharingFew voice channels for separation or groupingMultiple meme channels for differing topicsCan post whatever you like in the channels as long as its fitting for the channel its in​So if you can't open up and let loose you have a place here in the Crooked Cuck's where you can be yourself fully and we will do the same. Great place to vent, post perverted content, meme around with someone in VC or general, and have some casual shit talkers on the standby. If you are interested then swing by and see what it's about ;DLINK via /r/discordserver

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