The December challenge

So everyone, this year I will be participating in Destroy Your Dick December. as you may know, DYDD is an event where you masturbate once on december 1st, twice on december 2nd, three times on december 3rd, etc. finally culminating with you having to masturbate 31 times on december 31st. I'm just looking for any tips and/or suggestions as to how to complete this and finally fulfill my fathers dream (he has wanted me to complete this challenge since I was a child). my biggest worry is that I will have to masturbate 25 times on christmas day. I will be spending time with family and have obligations to help with dinner and whatnot.also this is tough for me because I am literally unable to get erect without looking at hentai/anime porn. my strategy right now is to use the bathroom constantly and tell my family I've got the runs/diarreah/hershey squirts and then masturbate in the bathroom whilst veiwing my favorite videos on my phone.I am also quite worried that I may rip my dick off (again, it's already been ripped off once and surgically reattached) because I will be using a heavy dose of methamphetamine as well as a handle of vodka to help me in this endeavor.any advice or help would be appreciated. via /r/cripplingalcoholism

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