The purple order show ep1: springlocked

Ozzy: Springlocked, have you fapped to sinful things, such as furry porn, gay porn, or hentai?Spring: Lots and LOTS of Hentai.Ozzy: Ahh I seeFrom boiboiBOISpring-senpai, what do you think of me? <3Spring: I think he's a sexy little boiOzzy: KFrom blusterdadlocks have you seen winduptoy's dockSpring: Sadly no...Ozzy: Sad and epicFrom boi (again)Who in TPO you would fuck?Spring: OzzyOzzy: Aww thanks From boiIs Ozzy your sex slave?Spring: I think the first question may have answered thatOzzy: From who would have guessed it's boiI fucking love you spring.That's not even a questionSpring: AwwOzzy: FromBlusterWould you suck CWAD's dick?Spring: …Maybe…Ozzy: when do we get freddy takes a shit merch like you promisedSpring: I'm in talks with Funko still... They don't like my ideas of incorporating actual feces into the products but I'm going to keep fighting.Ozzy: I pray for your victoryAnd one final questionFrom an anonymous senderFr4ddy when?Spring: Probably in January... But I do have a gift for FrEddy fans in December via /r/The_Purple_Order

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