the same incels that are reporting sex workers to the IRS are the same ones who would throw a fit if all sex workers stopped working.

i mean just imagine. all the porn sites go dark. all the strip clubs close. no more backpage and no more escorts. no more camgirls. hentai artists, becoming the only source of adult entertainment, start charging copious amounts of money to watch because they're in such high demand.and even then, there are no voice actors. furry porn, gone. findoms and dominatrixes, gone.the only means of sexual alleviation the incels would have are the occasional little edgy "pick me" girls that cater to male shitposters with performative misogyny. and we ALL know incels would get bored of them quickly.who would they have to blame? only themselves of course. THEY created the market, and they're only taking it away from themselves by going after sex workers.a sex worker strike would be fucking insane. via /r/rant

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