The Savior of FE

I'm not even a Fire Emblem fan, in fact, I'm one of those people who constantly b**** about their overrepresentation and create rivers of salt at the mention of the word Genealogy, because that incest hentai is still the worst blight on the roster. But whenever I look at the roster of FE characters there's always that one diamond in the rough that stands out, Camilla, sexy as the Wyvern she rides. I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way because whenever I see FE getting some well deserved bashing from the crowd, this girl is usually the one that ends up exempt from the rants. For some reason Camilla is pretty much the only source of estrogen between the many characters that have been squeezed into FEH. You see dainty Dierdre running around with her moldy tome and rags on her like she’s some hobo with his entire gaggle of children who make knock off versions of her weapon, some Weebish bookworm mage, and some barefoot creep who gets off fucking her own brother and you think the franchise is a lost cause. Then you see Camilla storming into the frame with her watermelon tits, soft cheeks, rugged tattered butt cape flapping in the breeze like a damn supermodel, as she starts swinging around her massive 300 pound silver axe as casually as she was swinging a baton at the head of a marching band, and some of that faith is restored.While the rest of the FE cast is frolicking around in the field trying to make the tough decision on which of their siblings they should start a relationship with; Camilla is from a time when the franchise was actually about war and not a dating simulator. Girl didn't even had all the relationship options you could want, since she knew better to have options than be stuck with only one choice, but we still know only one choice mattered. She even has a badass wyvern who she rides in an epic battle that collapses an entire fandom because it couldn't contain that much femininity. He then takes control of the next game and b**** slaps some dragon, who conquered an entire kingdom, into submission because the lame ass avatar wasn’t getting the job done. Camilla is the woman who can transcend the FE hate and has a reserved seat at the women's table next to the likes of Zero Suit Samus, Bayonetta, Zelda, and Peach. The saving grace of her franchise. via /r/shitpostemblem

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