The Tail of Bus-Kun

Bus-KunSo after a while I have decided to share my story of whome I call “Bus-Kun” who was a flaming neckbeard, but before that, context.I’m a middle school student and a big fucking weeb, I don’t hide it. I draw whenever I can. As of now (and at the time of this story I catch the bus too and from school, a public one, not a school bus. I usually am not listening to music and such on the bus as to make me a little more aware of my surroundings despite being I my own little world of drawing.Also another important thing, I am a loli ahoge and all (im not kidding, it comes and goes with weather) and I am clearly a schoolgirl around the age of 14. I am also no stranger to creeps.So, onto the story. I was sitting on the bus, in the back, doing my thing drawing my characters. At this time I was drawing two female characters (in my story they are a couple so I was just drawing some wholesome ship art of my own characters for the fun of it) and at this point there were about 6 people on the bus, two business people in the front, two schoolgirls from my school (an all girl school), me and Bus-Kun. Now im sitting at the very back a to avoid social interaction and to not take up prime seating for busy people going to work and such, so when I notice Bus-Kun coming, right to the back, red flags signal in my brain. He wasn’t the stereotypical neckbeard but still pretty far gone, he was wearing ripped jeans, soul eater shirt, gross neckbeard, and had a luckystar backpack. He smelled pretty fucking bad. But sadly no fedora oh well.So he sits in the very back row with me, but on the other side so I just assume he doesn’t want to bother anyone. And then I notice as the minutes go by, he keeps looking at my face, then my sketch book. Another thing, I am very suspicious of strangers and I feel as though I have pretty good instincts, I usually am able to guess a person’s personality by how they present themselves and this guy freaked me out, but I also have the backbone of a squid so I didn’t move away. After about 20 minutes he asks about my drawing and about “how amazing I am for being so young” and what-not, I’m used to it (even though I don’t like my stuff, I just keep trying to improve) and I act polite and say thank you and such. Eventually he asks if I like anime, I say yes and then he asks what type of stuff im into. I reply with things like “Fairy tail, Danganronpa, Soul Eater an Dragon maid” which were my favourites at the time. Eventually he asks if I take commissions, more specifically “adult shipping art” or basically porn. I say I take commissions but only online because im not all too sure of my value in $$$ and he offers me 50$, now me being broke and not getting pocket money for doing chores so that was amazing for me. I say sure because I have about 30 minutes left on the bus which is about enough time to do two polished sketches. Then he tells me what he actually wanted. I know that the whole “adult shipping art” thing was a big red flag but he asks If I draw Yuri Hentai. I say no, give him back the note and pack my shit up, he tries to grab my arm and asks “how about you give me your social media account so I can commission you there and no one needs to see” UM FUCK NO. I left to go near the other two girls (who I don’t like but aren’t bad people) and they notice the guy glaring at me. I tell them a censored version of what happened and they found it pretty funny/creepy, as I did and still do.So yeah, that is one of my neckbeard stories about Bus-Kun trying to commission Yuri Hentai from a Loli via /r/justneckbeardthings

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