TIFU by accidentally leaving an anime window open

I feel like this is kinda a stereotypical and overused fuck up and wont be fun to read at all, but still its the first time that ever happened to me and I have no friends to tell it to.So I’m 17 and lately I’ve been having trouble remembering stuff, from forgetting to turn things off to not remembering to wear a coat for a few days in a row. For the last few times I had to go outside anyways. I shrugged it off, thinking I was always like that and nothing big happened.Today I got to stay at home, so I watched youtube and anime and shit. I only live with my mum and she’s out so I figured I should watch some of the more lewd ones. I knew when she’ll be back so it was fine.I stopped watching before she got back, but I completely forgot about the window. It was until I went into the study and saw her on the computer, just hovering over the chrome icon that I realized I’m screwed. Out of the 3 tabs I had to leave it on the anime one. It was paused at the very end so it wasnt nearly a hentai scene, but from what I remember the girl was lying on the bed with her bottom partly exposed or something. She paused while I frantically gasped and reached for the mouse. I forgot what she exactly said. She wasnt being incredibly serious or started firing questions, but we did awkwardly sit there for a moment.After we watched tv and she did the dishes, I went back to the study, and I opened up a completely normal anime so that when she came in she’d think it wasn’t lewd after all. I was looking at the click to remove ads button when she came in, so I came up with asking if I should press it to get rid of the ads, hinting that some of the ads are weirdly sexual. We’d run into those ads on shady websites before so I figured she might take the lewd anime earlier as nothing more than an ad. I didn’t go on about it so that I wouldnt seem too defensive, and she had her glasses off so she didnt exactly see the button, so she might’ve thought I plucked it out of thin air as an excuse. She ended up saying I shouldnt and went on to lecture me about cyber safety, but again said nothing about her suspicions. At least she didnt look angry. I have no idea how sure she is and I’m a bit worried now. Idc if she gets mad and I’ll just keep watching, but still thats enough to make me feel horrible for a while.I’ll never forget to close my windows again, altho how obvious it might seem.tl;dr I left lewd anime window open and my mum saw it. I hinted at it being an ad a while later but I have no idea if she’s buying it. She said nothing but doesnt looked pissed. via /r/tifu https://ift.tt/2KDazpP

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