TIFU By watching anime.

I'm sitting in my man cave watching anime finishing up dinner. The sister in law and her boyfriend live in the apartment upstairs and as the boyfriend is taking thier dog out to go to the bathroom the anime I am watching starts getting really close to turning into hentai. But it doesn't. I pause it and head upstairs into my apartment of the house to take up some dishes. As I get to my door he is already upstairs and they are both laughing so I can only assume that he ran up to tell her that I am watching hentai or some kind of porn since I doubt they even know what hentai is. I guess I'll find out later. I don't really care what they think I was watching. I'm a bill paying, working and married adult. I can watch whatever the hell I want haha. Plus my wife will think it's funny so there's a bonus. But more than likely the father in law will most likely hear about it because the sister in law has to tell Daddy everything and he's a stuck up manipulative prick and he thinks he has the right to tell people what they can and can't do. To which if he does say something I'll just tell him to fuck off.TL;DR: Watching anime that got close to turning into hentai and soon after SIL boyfriend told her and they were both laughing.I'm watching DearS. via /r/tifu https://ift.tt/2PAt6sA

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