[UPDATE] Rules and content

As some of you might have noticed the sub is rather chaotic at the moment since we're still in the process of building it up, setting rules and make it a worthwhile place altogether.However we are trying to improve the general user experience as best as we can, as soon as we can.That said, here is a short r/animelf guideline of do's and don'ts, what this sub is about and what kind of content we would like to see. (note that this list can and will change)SFW/NSFWSFW content has almost no restrictions. Anything that qualifies as an animelf is allowed. (Moderators can and will remove posts which they don't deem an animelf)Discussion posts are allowed as long as they are on topic and you use the [Discussion] flair.NSFW content is allowed as long as you flair it as such. Try to keep it somewhat classy. We are not trying to become just another hentai sub, keep that in mind.For now limit your NSFW posts to:~Nudes~Solo play~YuriNot allowed NSFW content include:~Guro~Rape~PenetrationIf you'd like to post something that doesn't fit the current list, message a moderator and we'll consider approving it.ArtKeep the general art quality high. We all know those infamous deviantart illustrations that simply can't compete with the rest of the internet. (This does not apply to OC, no one will lynch you for that)MemesWhile memes are not strictly prohibited, try to keep them at a minimum. If we feel like memes are taking up the majority of the content we will ban them altogether.We are very open to hearing your opinions and suggestions but the ultimate decisions will always be made by the mod team.In addition to this the sidebar rules still apply.Happy elfing --,--`-{@ via /r/animelf https://ift.tt/2Psm5tx

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