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This is simply an updated version of the much more impressive post made by /u/Shilena, which is found at https://ift.tt/2PKfTwy. #277 is of special interest.0 "these arent even funny quotes!"-grimmybear [Fallout: New Vegas]1 "Long hair don't care" - Real Grimmybear 20152 "Donna is going downa"-grimmybear [Dark Souls 2]3 "You shut your mouth, you fucking hillbilly person you!!!" [Fallout: New Vegas]4 "Look at my butt you dirty hussey" [Fallout: New Vegas]5 "I constantly have swamp ass, kill me." -Grimmybear [Fallout: New Vegas]6 "I am of scare." -Grimmybear7 "that is the most disgusting utter ever, i just wanna suck that" -Grimmybear [Fallout: New Vegas]8 "I'm like a huge beacon of come and fuck me."- Grimmybear [Fallout: New Vegas]9 "That makes more sense than dick staring." -Grimmy10 "C'mon I know how to fist"- Grimm11 "Alright kid.. bend over"-Grimmybear [Fallout: New Vegas]12 "Don't you guys know the enjoyment of sinking your teeth into some bone?" -grimmybear [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth]13 "No one wants to be a hilllbilly, its just a thing you're born with, like an extra nipple"- Sambowned [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth]14 "Winters coming? I'm cumming on Winter. Kreygasm " -Grimmybear15 "I'll fuck a mutant [Fallout: New Vegas]16 "I just wanna swing on this giant penis" Grimmybear [Don't Starve Together]17 My baby titties are freaking out right now"-grimmybear [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth]18 "Take your shirt off, nerd, what the hell." -Grimmybear [H1Z1]19 "someone touch that zombie sack" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]20 "Oh my god I shot it in the dick with an arrow" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]21 "Hello speed hacker you fucking ass nugget" [H1Z1]22 "Oh my god Skype hentai Sesh on stream I would love that Kreygasm " [H1Z1]23 "There would be dongers all over the place if I was allowed" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]24 "Nice hairdo Vanilla Ice" -Randy [Rust]25 "Welcome back mike hunt is moist" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]26 "With all the ass stabbing they should call this game Dark Holes!"- Grimmybear [Dark Souls II]27 "I feel like all the other D's are better" -Grimmybear [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth]28 "Come out with your hands on your penis" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]29 "Grimmy is the proof that video games invoke violence in preteens." - left4deadspace [H1Z1]30 "I'll lick anything" -Grimmybear [Don't Starve Together]31 "I'm a nerd, I dont go outside, and I don't have friends" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]32 "Kay buddie? I'll stick my fingers in your nose and drag you around, I'm serious" -Grimmybear [Don't Starve Together]33 "You damn youngsters and your lawnmowers....." -Grimmybear [Don't Starve Together]34 "MLG 420 no scope doritos mtn dew" -grimmybear [Dying Light]35 "What a dick! He cut off his right hand.. RIP fapping" -Grimmybear [Dying Light]36 "Dayumn we just hammered the shit out of his ass" -Grimmybear [Dying Light]37 "His mustache looks fine, but his beard looks like some kid drew it in Microsoft paint" -Grimmybear [Dying Light]38 "If he needs a doctor, you should get the doctor" -random NPC [Dying Light]39 "drop my load on spike there" -Grimmybear [Dying Light]40 "My girlfriends dad is dead because I hit that pussy so hard he felt it in his dick" - TJyml1541 "Hell hath no fury...like a baby beefalo's ass" - Lisome [Don't Starve Together]42 "Imagine you had testicles on your chesticles" - sktkpatd [H1Z1]43 "Oh puppy.. you seem to have dropped your stomach, why'd you do that?" -Grimmybear [Dying Light]44 "He put his hands up! you wanna be my prison bitch?" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]45 "How dare you defy your beary bush overlord!" -Grimmybear [H1Z1]46 "Look at my face, i can tell this guy does drugs" -Grimmybear [Silent Hill: Alchemilla]47 "my nipples were just flamed" -Grimmybear [Silent Hill: Alchemilla]48 "Fuckin' baby shutup, I put you on a meathook" - Grimmybear [Silent Hill: Alchemilla]49 "TJ, I will 360 noscope wheel kick you" -Grimmybear50 "my ocean is huge"- oceanboy [Far Cry 4] [21/02/2015]51 "the batman from joker" [Far Cry 4] [21/02/2015]52 "Oh jesus fuck my butt hole" - Grimmy [Far Cry 4] [22/02/2015]53 "Oh my god I think he's playing red rocket" [Far Cry 4] [22/02/2015]54 "so many ones and zeros your toaster wont know what to do" grimmybear [Dark Souls] [02/03/2015]55 "straight out of the womb i was reaping and pillaging villages" [H1Z1] [05/03/2015]56 "listen to me now kid, i killed your parents, you belong to me now" [Guild Wars 2] [09/03/2015]57 "raining down from the heavens a golden sun touched arrow pierced my cranium" [H1Z1] [09/03/2015]58 "i would love to play some dota with you guys" [Guild Wars 2] [11/03/2015]59 "You have a belly button.... on your nipple." [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [12/03/2015]60 yep, in this stream you get half chode, full chode, any chode [H1Z1] [20/03/2015]61 " i sexually identified with staplers when i was 6" [H1Z1] [20/03/2015]62 "suck a D, oh my lord! " [I Wanna Be The Boshy] [22/03/2015]063 "that was tense as titties on cheezits" [Silent Hills] [23/03/2015]64 "Whenever I say apple, say "apple" in chat. Whenever I say macaroni, say "cheese"" - Grimmydude [Bloodborne] [25/03/2015]65 "i don't discriminate aganst people in wheelchairs i'll hit them all the same" [Bloodborne] [27/03/2015]66 "This is not a good place for my anus." [Bloodborne] [28/03/2015]67 "That pig has an anus!" [Bloodborne] [28/03/2015]68 "I would rather stare at your ass then your face" [Bloodborne] [28/03/2015]69 "oh come on, just put it in there" [Bloodborne] [28/03/2015]70 "Wouldn't it be funny if the baby was in the fight and you got to kick it." [Bloodborne] [28/03/2015]71 "how're you faster then me do you have nike's on?" [H1Z1] [28/03/2015]72 "I'll eat your ear" [H1Z1] [28/03/2015]73 "I was inside of him!" [H1Z1] [29/03/2015]74 "I fucked your mom, and that's why I'm your dad" - Grim the tumble weed dad [H1Z1] [29/03/2015]75 "Get back here you Bill Cosby sweater wearing motherfucker!" [H1Z1]76 "Sexiest toast in the room. No one can handle you." [I Am Bread] [29/03/2015]77 "Maybe I'll stop bleeding out of my anus one day" [H1Z1] [02/04/2015]78 "Cmon kids, I'm gonna grape you in the mouth." - Grimmy [Bloodborne] [02/04/2015]79 Fuck the baby [Bloodborne] [03/04/2015]80 "indiana jones whip that shit into his dick" [H1Z1] [03/04/2015]81 "I'd stab someone, in the kidneys with a pencil for a chilli cheese dog" [H1Z1] [04/04/2015]82 "A moose will put an antler up your butthole" [H1Z1] [07/04/2015]83 "Whoah, I fisted that anus many a-time!" [Bloodborne] [08/04/2015]84 "i did a blackflip" [Grand Theft Auto V] [13/04/2015]85 "i will crawl across the counter and smack you in the hair extension" [Grand Theft Auto V] [13/04/2015]86 "Ow! Fuck! My nipples!" [Grand Theft Auto V] [14/04/2015]87 "everyones a dude, unless youre not a dude, but in that case, fuck you" [Grand Theft Auto V] [15/04/2015]88 "You guys are a bunch of prairie dog buttholes." [Grand Theft Auto V] [18/04/2015]89 "thats what the bag of dicks is a bag of gummy penis's, i would eat those" [Grand Theft Auto V] [23/04/2015]90 "welcome to the bear trap ana1!" [H1Z1] [23/04/2015]91 "I'm a dirty girl." [H1Z1] [23/04/2015]92 "christmas time BRS! with elves and reindeer and shit and frosty throws a snowball and i nail him in the face" [H1Z1] [24/04/2015]93 "I was alt-tabbed fapping" [H1Z1] [28/04/2015]94 And then he came on my face! [H1Z1] [28/04/2015]95 thats happy [H1Z1] [05/05/2015]96 "Stop cumming!" [H1Z1] [07/05/2015]97 "Nope, nothing happened to my titties. Damn." [H1Z1] [08/05/2015]98 snitches get bitches [H1Z1] [08/05/2015]99 "Is this backdoor open?" [H1Z1] [08/05/2015]100 "everyone's hopping on the small dick swagger" [H1Z1] [08/05/2015]101 "soon™" [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [20/05/2015]102 It's Grimmy-Bear you illiterate fuck! [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [20/05/2015]103 Haaaarrrd [H1Z1] [21/05/2015]104 "i'll hide my sword in your face kid" [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [23/05/2015]105 "ooo i'd suck every last drop outta you" fucking idk what it is but fuck me it was ugly [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [24/05/2015]106 "your mom likes cheese, i like cheese, am i your mom?" [H1Z1] [24/05/2015]107 "wow, you have...a face" [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [25/05/2015]108 "I love you rupert grint, sign my titties!" [H1Z1] [27/05/2015]109 "donations keep my fuckboi look going strong" [H1Z1] [27/05/2015]110 I'm tan?! I'm like a paper! [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [27/05/2015]111 "is..is that an innuendo? like, for sex?" [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [27/05/2015]112 "Also, where are my pants?" [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt] [29/05/2015]113 "success kid...not sure if serious...deez nuts" [H1Z1] [30/05/2015]114 "give me your meat" - Grimmy [ARK: Survival Evolved] [04/06/2015]115 "no dude, my dildos bite people to death. what do you think they do?" [ARK: Survival Evolved] [06/06/2015]116 "I can't believe he looked at me right when i came" [H1Z1] [07/06/2015]117 "but before you go to the doctor, come pee over here...a couple times" [H1Z1] [10/06/2015]118 "I would gladly let David Spade shit on me" [H1Z1] [15/06/2015]119 "pooping in a hole aint that bad man, it really depends on the hole quality" [H1Z1] [15/06/2015]120 "twist it bop it pull it SHIIIIT come on dude!" [H1Z1] [15/06/2015]121 I like to give shoutouts and I like to...Fuuuuuuck! [H1Z1] [20/06/2015]122 "yeah, i have multiple dicks...all the time" [H1Z1] [21/06/2015]123 Did he just KO him with his BatSack?? [Batman: Arkham Knight] [23/06/2015]124 "it's so full...its so full...of SHIT" [H1Z1] [23/06/2015]125 Sorry Moop [H1Z1] [24/06/2015]126 I know how to pee, I'm not stupid! You handstand over the toilet.... [H1Z1] [24/06/2015]127 Thank god he aims like a fucking twinkie [H1Z1] [25/06/2015]128 THIS is how you chip, you don't fist the bag [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [10/07/2015]129 "I fuck bunnies" [Terraria] [12/07/2015]130 ..and I've been playing fps ever since I was a little girl scout [H1Z1] [12/07/2015]131 You report me for being magical. I'm Harry Potter bitch! [H1Z1]132 "There's a dick squid chasing me!" [Terraria] [17/07/2015]133 "do you ever get really hard...stutters?" [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [17/07/2015]134 My brain just farted everywhere [H1Z1] [17/07/2015]135 Fuck you vagina table [H1Z1] [19/07/2015]136 OP-ness [H1Z1] [19/07/2015]137 "There's like a 50% chance of that happening, but MOST of the time it doesn't, but whenever there is a chance that it could happen, it happens" - GrimmyLogic [H1Z1] [20/07/2015]138 check out the balls on this kangaroo, holy fuck [H1Z1] [20/07/2015]139 "My chair is muted, that's why you can't see me." [H1Z1] [21/07/2015]140 This game is a broken piece of shit....let's queue up again [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [21/07/2015]141 Sir, where is your head sir? [H1Z1] [22/07/2015]142 "you have a big D on my screen" [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [26/07/2015]143 "I hate it when people expose themselves to me." [H1Z1] [28/07/2015]144 "technically, i will be playing with myself" [H1Z1] [29/07/2015]145 "The bird's butt is distracting my mouth"- grimmyokayquote [ARK: Survival Evolved] [30/07/2015]146 "If you dont mind, im gonna go fuck a mammoth, it's gonna be GOOD" [ARK: Survival Evolved] [30/07/2015]147 "fill me up, fill me up! man, my sack is broken" [ARK: Survival Evolved] [30/07/2015]148 Put the spear into the butthole of the Trike [ARK: Survival Evolved] [01/08/2015]149 "if you go in there with pistols you're cut from my fantasy team" [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [01/08/2015]150 Donkey Kong is a dickbag [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [01/08/2015]151 yeah I spawned right up in its' sac [H1Z1] [02/08/2015]152 oh yeah? and you probably look like ET with a bowl cut [H1Z1] [02/08/2015]153 "crying on the inside? why, am i that good?" [Poly Bridge] [03/08/2015]154 That's what you get, you shitty kitty [ARK: Survival Evolved] [07/08/2015]155 "get some juices going, all over my face" [H1Z1] [08/08/2015]156 Its the long dick of the law motherfucker [H1Z1] [08/08/2015]157 Calm down or senpai will slap a bitch [H1Z1] [09/08/2015]158 "she thought my dick was funny, its true!" [Life Is Strange] [09/08/2015]159 slap me with bacon grease and call me an otter [Life Is Strange] [10/08/2015]160 "thats uber wicked hella cool" [H1Z1] [10/08/2015]161 "quote 162 is gone, i erased it" [H1Z1] [10/08/2015]162 "his name is fuqboi, and im gonna call him a fuqboi, cause hes a fuqboi" [H1Z1] [11/08/2015]163 "thats hella cool" [H1Z1] [11/08/2015]164 "you have an extra hole where your butthole is...thats awful" [Grand Theft Auto V] [12/08/2015]165 RIP -let's roll [Dishonored] [13/08/2015]166 "I didn't want to get her pregnant so I didn't pee." [Dishonored] [16/08/2015]167 "i dont want to get tired, thats bad for me" [H1Z1] [17/08/2015]168 Fuck it, take me....I WAS KIDDING! NOOOO! [H1Z1] [18/08/2015]169 "Instinctually, I just swallow." -Manpons [H1Z1] [19/08/2015]170 "have you ever just wiped your ass and its like a brown marker and you just cant there's just more" [H1Z1] [19/08/2015]171 "Talking vibrates my fucking nose and makes it itchy." [H1Z1] [19/08/2015]172 That gangbang was Unacceptable [Dead Realm] [19/08/2015]"I'm actually confused, intrigued, aroused?" [H1Z1] [20/08/2015]173 "I'm actually confused, intrigued, aroused?" [H1Z1] [20/08/2015]174 Just gonna Jackie Chan this shit [Dishonored] [20/08/2015]175 "55 gallons of lube! I'm not even mad that's amazing you could like fit a whale in someone's ass with that much" [H1Z1] [24/08/2015]176 I Am Clam [H1Z1] [24/08/2015]177 They were on my dick so I didn't see them [H1Z1] [01/09/2015]178 "i need some face to dick action" [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain] [02/09/2015]179 I mean, I'm gonna shoot you in the head, but it'll be...friendly [H1Z1] [09/09/2015]180 "believe it or not guys, im not a pudding master" [H1Z1] [10/09/2015]181 Meet me on the corner of Broadway and 5th. Be naked [H1Z1] [10/09/2015]182 Laggy McLaggerPants!!!! [H1Z1] [13/09/2015]183 in this stream you get full chode, half chode, any kind of chode you want184 "Thats happy" [H1Z1] [17/09/2015]185 Give me your load! Oh wait, it landed pre-maturely over there [H1Z1] [21/09/2015]186 Insert omnitool to operate...is that my penis? [SOMA] [22/09/2015]187 "i'm not emotional, i just cant breathe properly" [H1Z1] [30/09/2015]188 "Would you suck a fat one for $1 million? Fuck yea. Fuck yeah I would." [H1Z1] [01/10/2015]189 "there's a lot of stuff that I would do for a million dollars" [H1Z1] [01/10/2015]190 "I feel like this game is actually shortening my lifespan" [H1Z1] [02/10/2015191 "Can Gaben rub his nutsack all over my forehead or something" [H1Z1] [02/10/2015]192 it's like RNGesus just took a steaming shit right on my face [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive] [03/10/2015]193 "i hate song requests they're what you call cancer" [H1Z1] [04/10/2015]194 Titty Mongler! [H1Z1] [06/10/2015]195 "I birthed a cactus through my urethra." [H1Z1] [10/10/2015]196 I like giant meat in my mouth [H1Z1] [11/10/2015]197 " I put a cape on, cause i was retarded" [H1Z1] [14/10/2015]198 "My nuts are touching his loot sack" [H1Z1] [17/10/2015]199 "I would just run up and bite him like a dog" [Life Is Strange] [19/10/2015]200 My brain is full of Fuck right now [Life Is Strange] [20/10/2015]201 you potato fuckin beef stroganoff motherfucker [H1Z1] [21/10/2015]202 -you turdbiscuit [H1Z1] [22/10/2015]203 the biggest ass that ever assed [H1Z1] [31/10/2015]204 "yeah, horses are real, but no one knows what a dragon dick looks like" [H1Z1] [13/11/2015]205 Was going ham, now going haggis [Call of Duty: Black Ops III] [14/11/2015]206 weiner bops? is that like Kid Bop only more..molesty? [H1Z1] [15/11/2015]207 "waha! die! itsa me mario [Super Mario Maker] [16/11/2015]208 I got fire dicked real hard [Super Mario Maker] [18/11/2015]209 "you know the fallout 3 definition of insanity" [Super Mario Maker] [18/11/2015]210 Sit on my Fuck [Super Mario Maker] [22/11/2015]211 "If I had a dick, that woulda hit me in the dick." [Overwatch] [23/11/2015]212 "GTA mario style bitch" [Super Mario Maker] [25/11/2015]c213 don't thwomp me bro! [Super Mario Maker] [25/11/2015]214 don't get squidfucked [Super Mario Maker] [26/11/2015]215 fuck you in your plumber butt [Super Mario Maker] [28/11/2015]216 "it actually makes me want to punch a kid though" [Super Mario Maker] [28/11/2015]217 "Awww, right in the Mario anus! The Maranus.. the Marianas... Marianus Trench! Ha." - Grimmybear 2k15 [Super Mario Maker] [28/11/2015]218 So much bullshit it hurts [Super Mario Maker] [05/12/2015]219 Boing-GAH [Super Mario Maker] [06/12/2015]220 a mass monopoly of suck dick [H1Z1] [07/12/2015]221 "its triggering me, im triggered right now" [H1Z1] [15/12/2015]222 "get out of here you numberd name mother fucker" [H1Z1] [19/12/2015]223 "you heard it here first guys, christmas is evil." [H1Z1] [19/12/2015]224 "assholes gonna asshole" [H1Z1] [26/12/2015]225 "oh wow, the very tip of the fire dick" [Super Mario Maker] [27/12/2015]226 "I don't know if I've ever had a date" [Super Mario Maker] [06/01/2016]227 "Nah, you can't just touch the pole." [Super Mario Maker] [10/01/2016]228 "what? do i need to lose weight?, fit through it" [H1Z1] [14/01/2016]229 "I love five guys in my mouth!" [H1Z1] [18/01/2016]230 I am inside Shrek right now [H1Z1] [19/01/2016]231 it's in my moutj [Super Mario Maker] [22/01/2016]232 Just don't ever...EVER go to Walmart to look for grills, they're selction is bad. Most are busted, some have dents, others are missing parts, and some should have never left the factory [H1Z1] [18/02/2016]233 "...just don't ever...EVER... go to Walmart to look for grills - they're selection is bad, most are busted, some have dents, others are missing parts, and some should have never left the factory!" -Enforcer [H1Z1] [18/02/2016]234 "Holy shit my boobs are normal" -GrimmyBear [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [18/02/2016]235 "I'm getting bang-banged by Bowsers" -Grimmybear [Super Mario Maker] [21/02/2016]236 This Diva is all up on my nut sack [Overwatch] [11/03/2016]237 Wheee! Aww, why can't we make the balls go 'round? [Overwatch] [12/03/2016]238 "Nobody's getting on my thing!" [Overwatch] [12/03/2016]239 A sharp, unsterilized blade; Oh, that's my fetish [The Culling] [13/03/2016]240 Do drugs kids. Get out there and stab people to death with a spear [The241 shitLord physics engine [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [08/04/2016]242 Exactly where I was is where I wanna be [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [08/04/2016]243 Ok sir, let's please talk this out like civilized--Oh my fuck, he's shooting skulls at me!! [Dark Souls III] [12/04/2016]244 Don't die...I'm coming to kill you [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [13/04/2016]245 You don't want me to have to explain choppy dickhole [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [13/04/2016]246 Junkrat is literally the bane of my existence [Overwatch] [08/05/2016]247 No matter the case, there's always a bigger whale dick [Overwatch] [08/05/2016]248 warm apple pie my ass [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [16/05/2016]249 I don't know what the fox says, Ring a ding fucking ding a ding dong [Doom] [16/05/2016]250 Tasty balls...in my mouth [Overwatch] [23/05/2016]251 RIP nut sacks [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [26/05/2016]252 so suck a coconut [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [28/05/2016]253 Lithulu is like the best mod I've ever had. Oh my gosh [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [28/05/2016]254 buncha dicks man [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [28/05/2016]255 Come on shoot it at me [Spooky's House of Jump Scares] [30/05/2016]256 "I need more don't stop coming in my life." [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [31/05/2016]257 China number DEAD [Layers of Fear] [03/06/2016]258 Is that a medkit?? No, it's a toilet.. [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [08/06/2016]259 Excuse me, you fat ass! [Dead by Daylight] [26/06/2016]260 Help! I'm a Rock [Dead by Daylight] [27/06/2016]261 "Why was I inside that floating sign?" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [27/06/2016]262 retard jelly [Dead by Daylight] [01/07/2016]263 "get outta here quad! Get.. get.. get outta here! You wanna go!? Yeah.. thats what I thought, bitch!" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [01/07/2016]264 I'm watching you you stupid feathered fuck [Dead by Daylight] [03/07/2016]265 Shit double shit triple shit mother fucker my ass AHH! [Dead by Daylight]266 dicktitty [Dead by Daylight] [06/07/2016]267 He's been holding me for so long and I still can't get off - GrimmyBear [Dead by Daylight] [08/07/2016]268 What're you gonna do about this? What are you going to do about this teabagging? This Clamdippery?" [Dead by Daylight] [08/07/2016]269 "Just crawl. Pretend you're a banana" [Dead by Daylight] [13/07/2016]270 Karl's not the brightest potato in the foot [Dead by Daylight] [13/07/2016]271 "I would like a ding-dong please" [Dead by Daylight] [13/07/2016]272 dont put your potato in flander's nipples, thats gross [Dead by Daylight] [13/07/2016]273 "Hit Me! Hit Me! C'mon motherfucker and HIT ME!!" [Dead by Daylight] [14/07/2016]274 "slide out of there like a water park" [Dead by Daylight] [14/07/2016]275 "It's not a potato" [Dead by Daylight] [15/07/2016]276 "I think this other guy is playing with an Etch-A-Sketch, doesn't even have a mouse" [Dead by Daylight] [16/07/2016]277 It's a nugget [Dead by Daylight] [18/07/2016]278 I get very Irritable I flip my desk over and bite my cat [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [19/07/2016]279 "Hit me Daddy!" [Dead by Daylight] [19/07/2016]280 "Speech for 59k followers? IT'S A FUCKING POTATO" [Dead by Daylight] [19/07/2016]281 "I'm fucked, oh you're fucked! We're ALL fucked!" [Dead by Daylight] [20/07/2016]282 "That is a massive tip, thank you man" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [22/07/2016]283 "Fuck off im an otaku THERE IS A DIFFERENCE - x_S1L3NT_v " [Dead by Daylight] [24/07/2016]284 "Warning: Stream may cause balls to sweat." [Dead by Daylight] [25/07/2016]285 "I'm going to a better place...save my burrito." [Dead by Daylight] [28/07/2016]286 "Went straight for FUCK ME DUDE" [Dead by Daylight] [30/07/2016]287 "The ding dong ate my baby" [Dead by Daylight] [02/08/2016]288 "please dont have epilepsy" [Dead by Daylight] [03/08/2016]289 "My ass got sawed in half, so, that happened" [Dead by Daylight] [03/08/2016]290 "anything is a dildo if you're brave enough" -iamironjudy [Dead by Daylight] [03/08/2016]291 "Touch my box and I'll fucking bite you" [Dead by Daylight] [06/08/2016]292 "Like I should've gotten off the ding dong" [Dead by Daylight] [07/08/2016]293 "I think a jalapeño flew in my eye" [Dead by Daylight] [15/08/2016]294 "find peace in the memes my son" [Dead by Daylight] [21/08/2016]295 "suck a fat nugget" [Dead by Daylight] [21/08/2016]296 "Eat your shoes, eat your goddamn shoes" [Dead by Daylight] [23/08/2016]297 "Help! I'm being attacked by glitches" [Dead by Daylight] [28/08/2016]298 'like a snake through the air' [Dead by Daylight] [31/08/2016]299 "I'm not a fucking bird. I don't migrate" [Subnautica] [01/09/2016]300 "You didn't even add a yolo blaze it Jesus in there" [Dead by Daylight] [02/09/2016]301 'I hope somebody pees in your cheerios' [Dead by Daylight] [07/09/2016]302 Why is this fun??? [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/09/2016]303 "steroid'd out on retard jelly" [Dead by Daylight] [10/09/2016]304 I'm pretty sure he can't get me now -OH GOD [Dead by Daylight] [20/09/2016]305 'I need some dead dude's sack right now' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [24/09/2016]306 "this isn't even that tight" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [04/10/2016]307 I think that's me on the floor there... yeah.. [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [05/10/2016]308 No refunds, just bitter feelings [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [14/10/2016]309 "I'm only dying because of Donald Trump, fuck Donald Trump" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [24/10/2016]310 🎵 Oh H1Z1 🎵 the worst game in the world🎵 ' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [25/10/2016]311 'Fuck yeah dude' - Grimmybear upon reaching 1k subs [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [29/10/2016]312 H1Z1 can suck my fucking nuts [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [29/10/2016]313 "Can we not turn the discord into furry porn?" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [31/10/2016]314 'I would be in your de-FUCK YOU' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [04/11/2016]315 Whitewolf I will punch you in the Paul Walker [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [05/11/2016]316 'Suspect is on foot, about 5' and greasy' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [08/11/2016]317 '...thank you for the sub, you're our 13th brand new streamer' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/11/2016]318 'That's right, roll away you little bitch' [Dishonored 2] [12/11/2016]319 "Right on his stupid head, take that dick!" [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [12/11/2016]320 'if they don't fix this game I'm going throw feces at the developers like a crazed chimpanzee' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [13/11/2016]321 "he desynced inside me, i couldn't hit him" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [15/11/2016]322 'I'm like a magnet, I'll stick to you until you die!' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [23/11/2016]323 "I had a cigar once, it tasted like if you took a bag of 8000 assholes and set it on fire. Kind of line that." [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [18/12/2016]324 'I -fuck this game dude' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [22/12/2016]325 "Just hold the honker" -Grimmmz [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [02/01/2017]326 'I'm gonna go kill that guy in the hospital' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [02/01/2017]327 'No homo but I really want some ding dong' [Dead by Daylight] [07/01/2017]328 "2017 subs before the end of 2017 That is the GOAL." [H1Z1] [17/01/17]329 "I Kill them, they get salty... and I turn it around. They call me 'The Last Salt-Bender'." [H1Z1: Kotk] [01/18/17]330 "babies are all weird, fluffy, and squishy" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [23/01/2017]331 'he exploded on me' [Resident Evil 7 biohazard] [25/01/2017]332 'Your sack is unlootable' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [25/01/2017]333 'I'd rather stream myself rolling down my driveway than stream Minecraft' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [29/01/2017]334 "Welcome to the stream, I'm Tilted" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [30/01/2017]335 "You sub and I'll do squats" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [05/02/2017]336 'I need a lot of titanium and lube' [Subnautica] [10/02/2017]337 'Oh my god, a giant hammer! A giant hammer!' [Overwatch] [13/02/2017]338 "Birds are mammals, right? Of course they have balls" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [16/02/2017]339 "I'm fine, I'm fine. No, I'm dead." [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [21/02/2017]340 'The perfect game with no bugs' [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [26/02/2017]341 "Your face, got booped!" [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [11/03/2017]342 "They need to be made bigger and thicker, for sure." [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [12/03/2017]343 "Hugh G Rection" [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [27/03/2017]344 "wow, you're dying fast" -WitWix [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [29/03/2017]345 "the area between KappaPride and KappaPride with girl hair, i just dont understand" [PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS] [03/04/2017]346 "I retweeted this, but thats fucked up" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [20/04/2017]347 "What am I hitting? NOTHING! that's right! cuz we're playing H1Z1 dude" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [03/05/2017]348 "I always just grab people's pants. I don't even want them though!" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [03/05/2017]349 "Sir, I'm gonna need you to calm the fu- WHOA NO NO NO!!" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/05/2017]350 "Grandma's gonna tap that ass" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/05/2017]351 "fight for the croodie hown" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [16/05/2017]352 "the sensitivity feels like liquid ass" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [17/05/2017]353 "I'm your dad, fucka fucka you" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [26/05/2017]354 "Oh damn, it's an easter bunny too. Those are dangerous." [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [28/05/2017]355 "All of your helmet belong to me" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [07/06/2017]356 "Do you want to see a magic trick? or incredible butt skills? WOW!" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [14/06/2017]357 dick brick [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [16/06/2017]358 "I'm not flying across the country to die to desync" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [19/06/2017]359 "tips for being positive? wrong stream bro..." [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [27/06/2017]360 " aiming is for idiots and arclegger" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [25/07/2017]361 "Real life sucks in terms of balance" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [29/07/2017]362 " shoes are for fucking sock puppets" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [07/08/2017]363 " get a lot of body when I should be getting head" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [12/08/2017]365 "Dude, suck a weiner" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [19/08/2017]365 "I didn't sell out yet, that's tomorrow" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [29/08/2017]366 "I will PogChamp so hard my face will explode" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/09/2017]367 "baby pussy wiener crap" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [10/09/2017]368 "I'm fine, okay I'm dead" [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild] [13/09/2017]369 "We're not Aimin', we're Gamin'!" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [17/09/2017]370 "Japan puts J's in everything dude" [Fortnite] [17/09/2017]371 "RNG fuck-fest of desync" [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [21/09/2017]372 "this guy had a lot of wood, dude" [Fortnite] [24/09/2017]373 'I think this guy is cheating -nevermind he's just terrible' [Fortnite] [28/09/2017]374 I suck ass, out of the trash [H1Z1: King of the Kill] [30/09/2017]376 "oh, you're fucked up game" [Cuphead] [11/10/2017]376 "fuck that turtle, Franklin looking motherfucker" [Cuphead] [11/10/2017]377 "I got H1Z1'd" [H1Z1] [25/10/2017]378 "Eat my ball" [Destiny 2] [30/10/2017]379 "you kill me, I'm not your fan" -random H1 player [H1Z1] [05/11/2017]380 "If you sub I will write your name on a board while clenching my butt cheeks" [Dead by Daylight] [22/11/2017]381 "If I didn't miss... I would've hit that" [H1Z1] [28/11/2017]382 "if I'm gonna die I'll die my way" [Fortnite] [13/12/2017]383 "get 'sploded on son" [Fortnite] [14/12/2017]384 "I like to beat people, at least, that's how I have fun" [H1Z1] [17/12/2017]385 'are there rainforests in Florida?" [Fortnite] [22/12/2017]386 "I went to school for....Bearonometry. That is a bear." [Fortnite] [22/12/2017]387 "I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up bad." [Fortnite] [22/12/2017]388 "holy shit, I have so much wood right now" [Fortnite] [23/12/2017]389 ZOINKS [Fortnite] [28/12/2017]390 "that man was a cookie" [Fortnite] [28/12/2017]391 "pay no attention to the man dancing in tha house" [Fortnite] [31/12/2017]392 "Bob Builder can SUCK ON MY WANG dude" [Fortnite] [31/12/2017]393 "don't bloom me bro..." [Fortnite] [01/01/2018]394 "stop blooming me bro" [Fortnite] [07/01/2018]395 "suck my ass with that lag dude" [Fortnite] [07/01/2018]396 choo choo meow [H1Z1] [15/01/2018]397 "If you fart into a shoe, and then throw it at somebody, That is H1 https://youtu.be/pITd8SeCa0c?t=4m48s " [H1Z1] [01/03/2018]398 "that's what you ge-" [Fortnite] [08/04/2018]399 "if you've reached maximum wetness..." [Dead by Daylight] [11/05/2018]400 "I've got 2 things I want to show you guys" [Dead by Daylight] [08/06/2018]401 dildos are teen appropriate [Fortnite] [08/07/2018]402 "the finger thing doesn't come cheap" [Fortnite] [14/07/2018]403 "laggy piece of turd sandwich" [Fortnite] [15/07/2018](404 not found)"fuck you -you stupid NOED pile of dick" [Dead by Daylight] [27/07/2018]405 "I want my neighbors house to be struck by lightning" - 8/12/2018 [Dead by Daylight] [12/08/2018]406 "spotted dick is only for the good boiis" [Dead by Daylight] [04/09/2018]407 "I'm pretty sure I over complicated the fuck out of that" [Super Mario Maker] [09/09/2018]408 'yabba dabba don't' [Dead by Daylight] [11/09/2018]409 "what day is it tomorrow?...gazes at hand 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. Tomorrow is 4 day." [Dead by Daylight] [12/09/2018]410 "bodyshot my butthole" [H1Z1] [18/09/2018]411 "dude I don't understand when that happens what happens" [Dead by Daylight] [01/10/2018]412 "Someone literally saw this person eating Cheerios this morning and took a shit in it." [Dead by Daylight] [05/10/2018]413 Turns out I don't like being in front of a camera. I realize that for my job I'm in front of a camera all of the time. [Dead by Daylight] [09/10/2018]414 "Yo this lore is booty" [Dead by Daylight] [19/10/2018]415 "Nice dude! He had a bunch of wood!" [Fortnite] [02/11/2018]416 "dude, I'm a noid" [Fortnite] [07/11/2018] via /r/Grimmybear https://ift.tt/2Ta5AR2

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