Watching pornhub on the New 3DS

It depends on what model. You can watch Pornhub on the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 2DS via the internet browser. The site may not load normally, if that occurs, then switch to view mobile site/version. You can enable that in the quick setting by pressing the menu on the bottom right corner of the touch screen, or by pressing the start button. ZR pulls up your open tabs, and you can have up to 12 tabs open at a time, so it's pretty convenient. Pressing the select or ZL button pulls up your bookmarks, you can have up to 99 bookmarks, and 5 sites are bookmarked by default: Google, Yahoo, YouTube, a guide/manual to the internet browser and Nintendo's official page. You don't need the manual, the official site doesn't load anymore on the internet browser, YouTube depends if you want to watch videos in the browser, or you decide to download the app from the eShop and take up storage space. Then you have your search engine of choice, leaving you with 98 or 97 bookmarks. When you watch a video, you can use the touch screen or circle pad to navigate the video. The A button can be used to pause, B to stop watching, L to rewind by 10 seconds, R to skip ahead by 15 seconds, and the C stick changes the speed/pitch of the video. You can watch videos in 3D, but it isn't recommended, it won't give the effect like playing games does. The volume can be changed on the left side of the top screen, and are able to plug in headphones so you don't disturb others. You don't just have to use Pornhub, I've tried using XVideos, XNXX, Hentaigasm, and Hentai Haven, although HH may take a while to load, it's worth it. The 3DS isnt the best way to view porn, but it's pretty handy, plus no one knows why you would have a 3DS(unless there's nut stains on it, then people will get suspicious). Anyway, hope you enjoy blasting rope to porn at 480p on a Nintendo handheld console. via /r/copypasta

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