Weak mortals

You fool, you are absolutely pathetic, not a single drop of semen has every left my body, I control the land, sea, and air. I have become one with god, while you mortals are trying and failing to restrain yourself from ‘nutting’ for one single month. My testicles have now reached the density of a collapsing star, whilst yours are still as light as air. Every time I hear about someone failing to restrain themselves from letting sperm leave your body, I cringe, for you are the uncontrollable scum of the earth and should be eradicated of this dimension, which is nothing more than the existence of this scum we call humanity, I have ascended off your mortal plain, I have seen the other dimensions and universes, I have gained the ability to control everything and more perceive able my your small mortal mind, ears, eyes, nerves, nose, and tongue. You are nothing more than a pawn to my existence, entertainment if you will, and you cannot even succeed in that, as you are most likely masturbating in your room alone to loli hentai. via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2qVxtzK

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