Weird kinks

I have these weird kinks.I’m a 20yo male and I began to explore different niches of porn to get off to. Some of which I’m kind of ashamed of confessing to but since I feel safe saying it here I’ll procede.I don’t consider myself a furry, I don’t have a fursona, I don’t draw anthropomorphic beings, but for some reason I’m really into yiff and furry porn. Sometimes instead of regular porn I’ll search for furry porn to cum to and I don’t know why.I’m more ashamed to admit I like loli or lolicon hentai. This doesn’t mean I like underaged girls or boys, no, I don’t seek them or anything of that manner. But for some reason loli hentai turns me on and gets me cumming and I feel horrible for it. I feel like a borderline pedophile for getting off to that stuff even though I’m in no way, shape, or form a pedo in the real world. Hell, I have a stepson and I love him to death.I just felt I had to vent, feel free to PM me aswell. Thank you for reading via /r/DirtyConfession

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