What is the most painless yet still private DNS solution?

I used Google's DNS before switching to Cloudflare, but as I've become more privacy conscious I decided I wanted to be as secure and private as I can, so long as it doesnt cause me inconveniences. One of the things I cant understand is what DNS I should use or how to encrypt it.I've heard of OpenNIC, but also of dnscrypt-proxy, Njalla and my VPN's DNS too and after that I got lost. I just want something that will not track me at all, has great performance and I dont have to think about once its setup. I dont want ISPs to spy on me, since my government (bit of a regime, but im not being persecuted) may want to do some snooping into my hentai search history via /r/privacy https://ift.tt/2zzwbPv

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